Christmas Toy Soldiers

We love to decorate for each season at our home and Christmas is no exception.  This year we decided we would use a pattern from The Winfield Collection here and make 2 Giant Toy Soldiers for the front of our home as a family project .  Well, here they are!!  We’ve received lots of compliments from neighbors and “thumbs up” from people driving by.
We used paint sticks from Sharpie here in white, black, gold and red to draw on the details.  Trust me, they make it look sharp and professional.  We primed the finished plywood prior to painting details.  We lengthened the legs on the soldier about 6 inches to give him more height.  All in all it was a fun family project and gave the front of our home and extra touch of whimsey!!  We will be adding as the years go on so stay tuned!! 
Tip:  By cutting the heads of the soldiers separately, we were able to get both soldiers out of one sheet of 4’x8′ plywood.  We simply gave the soldiers a neck to attach the head too.  This will also make it easier to store away for future display.

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