Joined a Bead Soup Blog Party!!

This weekend an invitation to join the 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party came over my Facebook newfeed.  This event is organized by Lori Anderson from   Pretty Things Blog .  I was intrigued as to “what could that mean?“.  So, I clicked the link and read about it and joined.  It’s basically a beads swap in which you will be paired with another beader and exchange a variety of beads to create something fabulous.
The swap must include:  1.  A focal bead
                                        2.  Some coordinating spacers or beads
                                        3.  A special clasp (not just a lobster claw)
I’m only what I would consider a beginner or would call a basic beader.  Here are a couple of bracelets I’ve made and enjoy wearing.  I’ve made a few more and have given them away as gifts. 
One of the things I love the most about beading is that you can’t really make a mistake. It’s not like cutting into an expensive piece of fabric and then realizing later you cut it wrong. (Heartbreak)  With beading, other than the stringing wire, you can just cut your beads and findings apart and start again if you don’t like how your piece is turning out.
I enjoy watching Beads Baubles and Jewels every week, but haven’t really ventured into this art form very far, yet!! I’ve sorta dipped my toe onto the water by raiding my husbands stash of tools and finding all sorts of things I could use for jewelry making.  Since this is the year I have decided to Reignite My Creative Spirit,  I thought this would be a wonderful way to push my skills to the next level. 

I will be uploading my progress onto my Facebook page as I make my swap selections.  If you’d like to see what I’m choosing and share your ideas, please “Like” my FB page using the link at the top of my blog.  Thanks!!


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