Crystals and Glass and Findings…..OH MY!!!!

Well Friends!  The Day Has Come!!  Yesterday I finally got my bead soup in the mail for my BSBP partner Sarah.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to find the package she sent waiting for me!!  I admit I felt bad that she didn’t have hers yet, so I decided to wait until Friday, when her package was due to arrive to open mine.  THEN she posted a Sneak-Peak on her blog and I was more than INTRIGUED!! 

(Insert Fanfare Music Here)

Her blog stated she was “generous”.  WELL, let me tell you that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!  I can’t believe all of these beautiful things she sent me to design with.

These are the closures!!  There’s enough here to do at least a half dozen projects and then some.  The one with the heart is especially sweet and then there’s a resin one that’s black with pink swirls!!  They are ALL amazing!!
Here are glass pearls, crystal bar slides and silver tube beads in at least 4 sizes.  Some are twisted and others are high polished!!  There’s also a black metal beaded chain and some bright pink slide spacers.  But wait…..there’s more.

Here are crackled glass beads in black and pink as well as square animal printed glass beads.  I especially LOVE the flat round soft pink beads in this pic.  Also in the top of the pic are the 2 focal beads.  Yes Folks…..she sent 2 black crystal focal beads.  One is a large faceted round and the other is an “S” shaped bead.  There are also some small round silver textured beads and bead caps here!!  Can you believe it??
I lack the proper terminology for the next description.  These are twisted flat silver “palettes” with a hole in the center.  These are particularly interesting to me because they are so textured and give off a soft glow.   To the right of those there are both soft pink and black oblong crystals.  Above those are more crystals but this time bicones in pink and black.  There are even a pair of earring findings!!
Here’s a better pic of the square animal printed beads.  They are ALL really special!!  I can tell she really took care in selecting ALL of these wonderful beads for me!!  I’m so grateful, overwhelmed, inspired and excited all at the same time!!  She also included a whole baggy of silver headpins.
To top off this ENORMOUSLY GENEROUS Bead Soup, it was placed into the most darling gift box!!
Thank You Sarah for this Amazing Bead Soup you sent me to create many wonderful designs with!!

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4 Responses to Crystals and Glass and Findings…..OH MY!!!!

  1. salla says:

    YAY! They arrived! I am sooooo glad you like them. I worry about these things.

    And don't worry about trying to use all of it for the BSBP, the reason I sent so much, especially the findings, was to help build up your stash. So, feel free to stash some of it!

    Can't wait to see what you design! Have fun!

  2. Robin Reed says:

    What a wonderful soup!!!There is enough there to make several pieces!!! i love the soft pinky purple "cat eye" beads, and …and…and…, well you get the idea!!! Have fun!

  3. Thanks Sarah!! You certainly sent an Amazing Bead Soup. I hope you like what I sent you.

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