“Fire Up The Grill” Apron Pattern Review

Here’s my review of McCall’s M5284 apron pattern.  I chose a black denim fabric with a novelty print for the reverse side.  I picked to sew view A for my project with the large center front pocket.  This is a very simple pattern to follow with just a few pattern pieces.  The pattern did not call for lining, however I happened to find a print that was perfect for the grilling theme I was making this item for.  PLUS, isn’t it always nice to have a fun print as a lining??  I chose this print because I thought it was gender friendly.  This apron was made as part of an auction gift basket for my son’s school. I thought it would be more appealing not to be so much “frilly” as “functional”, but still fun with a personality.


Since deciding to make the apron with a lining, it made sense to insert piping between the layers for a more finished look.  I made my own piping from a left over piece of fabric I had from another project.  If you’re interested in checking out how the bias was made for the piping, I made a Picture Tutorial: Making Continuous Bias to help you.

Apron Front
Apron Back

Here’s a close up of the center front pocket with novelty print trim and piping detail.  I think it pulls the whole apron together with a finished look.

Right now I’m getting back into machine embroidery, so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to incorporate embroidery with my project.  I couldn’t find a design I liked, so I digitized my own.  It’s a simple 2 color design “FIRE up the GRILL” and I will be making it available here as a free download soon.  It’s available now, here.
The ties for the apron were long enough to tie around to the front which was nice because this is how many people like to wear their aprons.
I’m very happy with the end result and am happy to present this as my piece for the class auction basket.  Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment or message me privately.
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    Looks great for man of the house

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