Holding Auditions!!

One of the greatest things about being creative is the “auditioning process”.  By this I mean, choosing the fabrics, trims, threads, yarns, buttons and beads for a project.  You know…..The Fun Part!!  Throwing rules and regulations out the window and choosing what you feel looks the best.
When I “hold auditions” for a project, I start with what ever “Strikes My Fancy”.  It may be a button I find interesting or a particular color.  It could be a fabric or even an embroidery design.  It all depends on what interests me.  In this case, I’m inspired by this cute purse.   I see a multitude of options with it.  I could mix fabrics, embroider each square or design something 3 dimensional.  Endless options.  That’s what I love about design and creating.  There’s no right or wrong as long as the end result makes me feel HAPPY.
Here’s a pic of the “sneak peek” I posted last week: 
Here are some of the fabrics I’m “auditioning” for the patchwork part of my purse this week.  Funny how my mind has changed since the initial “sneak peek” pic. 
Bold and a little tropical.
Celestial, blue and gold.
Denim friendly/Patriotic.
I need to start narrowing down my selections.   I may even go into a completely different direction altogether.  Who knows??  This is the UP side to have a HUGE stash of fabrics.  (shh….did I say that out loud??)  Next, I will be pulling out trims, buttons and threads to see what Strikes My Fancy and helps me pull the entire “look” together.  Any thoughts on my choices so far?  I’d love to hear what you think!!
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