Even an Apron Needs Accessorizing!!

After finishing up the “Fire Up The Grill” apron and having fabric left over, I thought it would be nice to add some accessories.   No I’m not talking about shoes or handbags…..I’m talking about a grilling/oven mitt, a pot holder, and pot handle mitt.  I didn’t have any patterns for these items, so I just dragged out my well used and well loved pot holder set and made a copy.

It’s really simple to do, just make and outline of the item and add a little extra to accommodate the bulk of the padding.

The one item that I don’t own was the pot handle mitt.  For that pattern I just measured a pan handle and made a pattern.

Hot pad and pot handle mitt patterns.
Yet another way to utilize my embroidery design!!  Make sure you cut a left and right.

For the pot handle mitt, I wanted the outside piece to be 1/2 denim and 1/2 print so I pieced the fabric first, fused with fleece and then cut out the pattern piece.  Just a little detail, but I wanted to make sure it was like the other items.  I used fusible fleece on all the pieces first and then cut them out.
When it came to the quilting the mitt, I marked the pattern on fabric and the quilting lines with wax so I could follow along.  I fused the fleece to the denim but didn’t cut out the pattern piece first because quilting will take away some of the size and I wanted to make sure it matched my lining pieces after it was quilted.  Not being a quilter, I didn’t expect this part to be FUN!!  It was kinda fun zipping down a line and then jogging over to the next.  I started in the center and moved out as I went along.  I think using the fusible fleece made quilting much easier because the padding didn’t shift as I was sewing.  The fusing also didn’t allow the fabric to fray.  BONUS!!
Marked mitt.
Cut out and quilted mitt pieces.  Make sure you cut a left and a right.
When I quilted the pot holder, I put a piece of wash away stablizer on top of the embroidery to protect the stitches as I quilted over the stitches.
 I used bias binding in red to finish all the edges of each piece.
All in all, I’m happy with the results of these items.  These were simple pieces to make and came together quickly.  I will be giving these to the school to match the apron I already donated. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.  I appreciate it!!
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