Upcycled Version of Simplicity 4032

Upcycled projects always intrigue me.  It’s fun to take something that is Old and give it a New life!!  It’s a challenge for me to find creative ways to use different parts of the item I’m using.  The one prerequisite for me, is that the new project can’t look like the former item. 
This review is for my version of Simplicity 4032 view E, the vest.  I just thought the simple silhouette of this vest would make a great upcycled project.
First I started with a pair of jeans and a soft well loved flannel shirt for the lining.  I knew there would be great parts of each piece that I could incorporate into this garment.

In order to yield the most amount of usable surface space, I cut open the side seams of the jeans.  Lay out flat and press.  Lay out your pattern pieces and cut.  Construct the outer vest per pattern instructions.

The waistband of the jeans seemed like it would make a nice collar and front closure to me, so I cut it out leaving a seam allowance along the waistband.  For this project the belt loops were removed.

The coin pocket of the jeans were the same shape as the front of my vest so it seemed perfect to add on as a front pocket.  It was cut out removing all the background denim fabric and top stitched onto the front of the vest.
Use a double needle to top stitch denim seams with a heavy thread that matches the top stitching of the jeans. This gives it a more ready to wear look.
Add the waistband onto the neckline from waistline around the neckline and down to the waistline of the other side.  I used a larger size pair of jeans to have the most amount of fabric and waistband to work with.  Keep this in mind if you’d like to try this.
Open the shoulder seams and remove yolk of the flannel shirt.  Lay out flat and press.  Lay out pattern pieces and cut them out. 
Cut interfacing for the front of the vest and cut a piece for the back neckline.  Sew these pieces in as you construct the lining. 

Add the front pockets from the front of the flannel shirt to the lining of the vest.  Attach the lining to the vest after adding the waistline/collar.  Turn to the inside and then baste the entire perimeter of the vest and armholes in place. 
The vest should be in one piece now with raw armholes and bottom.
Make bias out of the remaining denim by marking cutting the desired width.  No need to be fussing when ending and starting a new section of bias.   I just overlapped the bias and kept right on sewing.  It gives the vest a more rustic, worn look.  Hey, people pay BIG BUCK for ripped jeans all the time, don’t they??
Allow your bias to fray out on one side only. 
This bias was not turned over as a regular binding would be.  It was sewn with the right side of the bias to the wrong side of the vest and then turned out to the outside of the vest and top stitched.
Right side of the bias pinned to the inside of the vest along the hemline.
Right side of the bias pinned to the inside of the vest along the armhole.
Bias turned to the outside ready for top stitching along the hemline.
Bias turned to the outside ready for top stitching along the armhole.
Close up of the bias turned to the outside ready for top stitching.
Here’s the finished garment.  It’s a quick fun upcycled project and gives a New Life to something you may have been discarding.  The best part is that the more you launder this vest the more it will fade and the bias will fray.  It’s also the perfect canvas for embroidery or adding any kind for trim or embellishments!!
Thanks for checking out my blog and my latest Upcycled Project.  I hope this garment gives you some inspiration and ideas of what you could possibly do to upcycle your own garment in an unusual way.


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10 Responses to Upcycled Version of Simplicity 4032

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really love what you did with this. Looks fantastic and a very thrifty use of well-loved items! Bravo.

  2. Mary says:

    I love this idea! I have recently taken up sewing and have limited myself to just using recycled fabric… usually from the thrift store. So far I have only used sheets. Thanks to you I now see some new possibilities!

  3. Mamma Nene says:

    Great idea, I love to upcycle clothes me too!
    I'm your newest GFC follower!


  4. Thanks Mary! Glad I could show you a new avenue to explore with your Upcycling!!

  5. Thanks Mamma Nene! Love your BS name too!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    VERY NICE. Like your version better. Never thought to use the waistband that way. Great inspiraton.

  7. Thanks!! It's fun to figure out ways to use the existing parts of a pair of jeans to make other useful items. Hope you give it a try!!

  8. Valerie says:

    I just found your blog. This is in – jean – ious! Love your use of the waistband.

  9. Thanks Valerie!! I love the play on words!! in-jean-ious!!

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