Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!

The day has finally come to reveal my design for the Bead Soup Blog Party!!  I’m very excited to show off my piece.  Please keep in mind I’m a beginner in the world of jewelry making.

As you may recall, I received this wonderful assortment of goodies from my BSBP Partner Sarah. Please check out her reveal here.  She used the Bead Soup I sent her in a very unusal way.  Here’s my original post showing all the components close up, many of which I used to create my design.  I used only items from the bead soup she sent.  There were 2 components that particularly intrigued me:  The silver tube beads and the silver twisted fan circles with the center holes.  I also used the black crystal pearls and the oblong black crystals for the main part of the necklace.

Finished Design for the Bead Soup Blog Hop Contest.
Large black crystal focal bead.
S Hook back closure.
There were many things I learned from this experience.  I’m used to working with and most comfortable with fabrics, and I’m very experienced in manipulating fibers into doing what I want. When working with jewelry components, it’s important to keep in mind what the pieces WILL and WON’T do!!  Once I figured this out and let the piece do what it wanted instead of me trying to force it into submission, I got it!!  I was impressed that the weaving of the tube beads into the main beaded part of the necklace just fell into place.   
This was a great experience.  Special Thanks to my BSBP Partner Sarah for sending such an inspiring group of components.  It really pushed me into doing something I’d never done before and I think it was successful.
Also, Special Thanks to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for organizing the BSBP and bringing so many wonderful designers together to create unique designs!!
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68 Responses to Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!

  1. Sarah says:

    That really is stunning; I'm in awe.

  2. AH HA, So that is how you use those Tube Beads. I was wondering myself.I have lots of them, but never used any of them yet. May I ask what length those silver tube beads are? GORGEOUS PIECE! Nice Job!

  3. Thanks Sarah! Not bad for a total beginner, huh?? lol

  4. Hi Sheila! Thanks!! The tube beads are about 2" long. They just sort of fit in perfectly to tie into the other components.

  5. Penny says:

    What a clever idea! I also have tube beads in my stash, never used…need to try, too.

  6. Gloria Allen says:

    Love what you did with your soup, more, more

  7. salla says:

    I love what you did! Your use of the tube beads was totally inspired! Wonderful!

  8. PiPa says:

    I would have never thought to use those tubes that way, so original!!! Great work!

  9. bailaora says:

    great but difficult soup, you perfectly used it!

  10. ladelizchica says:

    Great way of using the tubes .

  11. Oh wow, what an amazing way to use the tubes !

  12. Patina Queen says:

    Great job, very creative use of the tubing. You'd never know you were a beginner 😉 Much love, Heather, PQ

  13. That is a really beautiful necklace!

  14. LoriF says:

    Holy cow, you're a beginner? Slinks away…..

    VERY creative and elegant! Congrats!!

  15. kathy stemke says:

    Love this necklace!! The curvy flow and elegant colors areinspiring.

  16. Mags says:

    I like it a lot 😀 Those curvy tubes seem to have done just what you wanted!

  17. Thanks Penny!! I hope you give the tubes a try!!

  18. Thanks Gloria! I started 2 other pieces before this one but they just didn't seem to come together like this one did. Back to the drawing board for those…..

  19. Thanks Sarah!! I wasn't sure what to do with the tubes you sent so I decided to use it as a personal challange to figure it out. Glad I tried something different thanks to you!!

  20. Thanks ladelizchica!!

  21. Thanks Heather!! Yes, I'm a beginner, but I'm not afraid of the tubes anymore. lol

  22. Thanks LoriF!! No slinking away!! lol

  23. Thanks Kathy!! I didn't think I could go wrong with Black/Silver.

  24. Thanks Mags!! They did do what I wanted once I figured out what they would do and what they wouldn't……lol

  25. Well, you may be a newbie, but your piece doesn't say that! Awesome piece! I really like the curves…Great Job

  26. coffeeaddict says:

    such an innovative design! I love the symmetry and the use of monocromatic colours. Great work

  27. How elegant! It's an important lesson you learned too. There is definately an ease in going with the grain and letting pieces behave as they will. Sometimes it's gravity that I'm battling and it always win lol

  28. Micheladas says:

    very pretty. great job.

  29. kathy stemke says:

    Your necklace made my favs list for the second reveal. Check it out:

  30. Roxanne your necklace is beautiful. You made very clever use of those tubes.

  31. Roxanne I love the flow of your piece. It's almost as if it moves like water. Great effect with the tube beads.

  32. Pat Haight says:

    Love the way it turned out! Very Nice♥ Great work!

  33. Shaiha says:

    I just how you used those tube beads to really add a unique look to your necklace. Great job!

  34. Thanks coffeeaddict!! Symmetry was the "comfortable" part of my design. I admire those designers that choose asymmetrical options in their work. Next time I will make that my personal challange.

  35. Thanks Polymer Penchant!! Lesson learned!! Gravity is a challange for all of us in life! lol

  36. Thanks Kathy!! I'm honored that you included my design in your list of favs!!

  37. Thanks Becky Pancake!!

  38. Rachel says:

    What a cool design! That would look stunning with a little black dress! 🙂

  39. Thanks Rachel! I had planned on presenting this design with a garment I'm making, however then the FLU struck! Glad I'm over it and can resume my original plan.

  40. CraftyHope says:

    For a newer designer, you really rocked this challenge. Your necklace is so full of interesting shapes that I had a hard time taking my eyes off it for a minute. I also like how neutral it is so that it can be worn with a variety of other colors. WELL DONE!

  41. As already said, you really did win over your components in this challenge. I know that tube beads can have a mind of their own and I just love the way you figured out what makes them tick. Maybe some day I will too. It is a beautiful necklace. Great job!

  42. That's such an interesting use of curved tube beads. You really came up with a lovely design!

  43. Thanks CraftyHope! I'm so glad you found my efforts interesting!!

  44. Hi Jean!! Thanks for the nice comments. Hope you give the tube bead a whirl!!

  45. Kepi says:

    Beautiful necklace, who says you're a beginner, great job!

  46. Bobbie says:

    Very pretty! The curves of the silver tubes really adds a terrific dimensionality to the design. I'd have never guessed you're a beginner!

  47. Love the creative design using the tube beads! The necklace turned out great!!

  48. ACBeads says:

    Your necklace is very beautigful. I love the way you've used the curved tubes in a very imaginative and balanced design. Great work.

  49. Nan Smith says:

    Better late than never I'm finally getting around to all the blogs. I'm in 3rd reveal so was occupied with that! I really love your necklace . Simple and beautiful. I like your style

  50. I'm still hopping also. I really like what you did with your soup…Nice job!

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