Cutting Table Now Available!! On Sale Too!!

A few months back I wrote a blog post on the cutting tables I use in my home studio. I received a few emails asking for more information about the tables.  At the time, neither table was available for purchase.  BUT, just recently I received my Joann’s Flyer in the mail and low and behold right on the front cover was one of the cutting table featured in  my blog post, Nesting Cutting Tables??  The table I’m referring to is the one that my husband modified by adding a Masonite top.  Brilliant!!

I’ve owned and used this table as my main cutting/drafting table for almost a year now and it’s held up very, very well.  I’m still happy not only with the modification of the top, but the quality of the table for the discounted price. Here’s a picture of the actual Joann Flyer Cover and notice  the cutting table on the lower left side of the page.  If you’re interested in the table, please check your local stores as their stock will vary from store to store and region by region.

I’m not affiliated with Joann’s at all in any way.  I’m not paid for my review of this product either.  This table just “Strikes My Fancy” and all information I provide is purely my own opinion on this product.  I’m simply sharing something that I’ve found and modified that’s worked GREAT for ME!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog update to a previous post especially if you were interested in the table and were unable to find it in the past.  Have a Happy, Creative Day!!

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