Update to Flower Power Blog Post!!

Hi Everyone!  I had a request for more information about the Flower Stitching Foot so I updated my Flower Power blog post and included the actual directions I received with the foot.  I hope this solves any confusion you may have had when trying to use this foot.  Sorry that I didn’t include them earlier in my original post, but I got so carried away with playing with the foot and having fun that I neglected the directions.  I hope by now some of you have discovered how useful this foot can be and maybe even tried my Picture Tutorial:  Flower Power Purse!!  This purse was inspired by a upcycled denim purse I saw on Pinterest, however I put my own Creative Spin into the design by using the Flower Stitching Foot.
Thanks for taking the time to read and check out my updates!!  Have a Creative Day!!
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