Impulse Purchases Anyone??

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for all the nice messages and comments about  my New Video Series!  Welcome to ALL the New YouTube Subscribers, New FB Fans and New Google Followers!!  I also would like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to The Singer Company!!  I appreciate them supporting my first video and sharing it with their FB Fans. 

I was informed by several of you that over the last few years you’ve made some sewing machine “impulse purchases”.  Yes, I completely understand how that goes.  I’ve watched sitting on the edge of my couch many times as the Home Shopping Network has their sales women present sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines.  I’ve even purchased a few that way myself.  If you’re like me, as soon as you receive them you’re off on your way creating wonderful things and exploring all the features offered on your new machine.  It’s always like Christmas to me when a new machine arrives!!

That doesn’t always happen though.  Sometimes you get caught up in the moment, watching all the wonderful things the sales woman presenting the machine has made that you jump on the band wagon.   She always makes it looks so easy, doesn’t she??  Does this sound familiar??  Maybe a little??  The truth is, it all can be done by you too.  With some good basic information provided in my videos, you can be on your way to sewing beautiful items as well.  Once you learn how to use your machine, the skies the limit!

Well, now it’s time to drag that sewing machine out and learn to use it.  One of Singers most popular machines, the Quantum Stylist 9960 happens to be the one I’m using for my Video Series.  I will be showing other machines as the series progresses, however this machine is pretty amazing for such an affordable price point.  Even if this isn’t the sewing machine you own, you will learn quite a bit from my Video Series anyway.  I promise!!  I will be providing good solid sewing machine information that you can adapt to your own sewing situation.  I will also be showing how to use many of the utility and specialty sewing feet that come with most machines.  If your machine didn’t come with specialty feet I’m showing, there are numerous retail outlets to purchase specialty feet specifically for your make and model.  The Singer 9960 is a standard low shank machine, so you will be able to use the same feet on your own personal machine.  Low shank machines are the most popular in the marketplace today, so chances are yours is as well.

So if you missed the first video in my series, you can check it out here and catch up.  Very soon I will be posting the second video in my series for you to check out and learn more about the fantastic features of this machine, how to  use basic utility stitches and how to change your snap on presser feet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can relate. I'm guilty, but found the humor is this post. thx

  2. Hi! Glad you appreciated my humor. I've been there too, so I'm guilty as well!!

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