Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket” !!

Good Morning Everyone!!  Yesterday, in all my excitement to post (New Adventure: Two Birds ~ One Stone)  about the Little French Jacket Sew-along, I forgot to post this video on the making of a Chanel Jacket.  This video was produced and put out by Chanel in 2012 and shows an overview of the process of making a “Little Black Jacket”.  It’s only 2 minutes long, and well worth the time it takes to view.  It left me with a sense of “wanting more” so I’m looking forward to starting the Sew-along and learning how to create my own masterpiece.
This black jacket is pretty close to the one shown in the video.  Notice all the details, pockets and trims.  The video starts off by showing a sketch of the design and then the muslin being draped.  The process is impressive and very labor intensive.  It moves on to the fabric being cut, fusible interfacing being pressed and hand basting being sewn.  Later it shows pockets being made, lining being fitted, and trimmings being sewn on by hand. Next the jacket is fitted and finally the chain being sewn into the hemline of the jacket.  A final steam and the jacket his hung for our admiration!!  It was very generous of The House of Chanel to give us a glimpse into their world and how this magical creation is produced!!  What an amazing process and video.  I hope you enjoy this video!!  I know I sure did.  So are you joining in?? 
Have a Happy Creative Day!!
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2 Responses to Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket” !!

  1. Bunny says:

    Very cool! I noticed she put her chain on with a backstitch, very interesting!

  2. Hi Bunny!! I agree, cool video!!

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