Late to the Party!!

Yes, I’m a little late, but I have a New Fascination!!  “The Hero’s of Cosplay” TV show on the Syfy Channel.  A friend of mine turned me on to “Face Off” several seasons ago, which airs right before “Hero’s of Cosplay”.  I wasn’t familiar with what Cosplay was, so I dismissed it.  MY BAD!!  Shame on me.  What a fascinating show featuring such a talented group of artists!!   
I actually started off years ago in college in a play production program.  The productions in which I created costumes for didn’t quite “Strike My Fancy” so to speak, so I transferred to a more traditional design program in another city.  Until now, I had no idea that the hobby/craft/artistry of Cosplay even existed, let alone a fascinating series on the subject.  I’ve always loved larger than life design in apparel which could be why I’ve always been drawn to  design Bridal and Evening Wear apparel.  Looking back at my professional portfolio, many of my designs are very costume inspired.
Enter my New Hero  (fanfare music here)  Yaya Han!!  She’s an Amazing Cosplay costume designer, an artistic model & widely recognized Ambassador for CosplayShe creates masterpieces and transforms herself into whom ever she desires.  She’s featured on the show and shares many of her secrets on making her one of a kind creations.  Her talent is revered by many in the  Cosplayer community.  She has been able to grow her hobby into a business doing what she loves.  She creates costumes to not only compete, but also is invited to participate in judging Cosplay competitions around the world.

One thing that’s drawn me to this series and probably the most important thing all the designers have in common, is a love for what they do.  Some create for fun and others have businesses in which they make special effects props and costumes.  They all have a true passion for what they create!  I love that and find it inspiring on so many levels. 

Here are a couple of photo’s of Yaya Han in a Gorgeous Costume she created for a recent show.  It’s ethereal, dreamy and utterly Amazing.  The character is “Sakizou Princess White Rose”  Every detail is sheer perfection!!

Here, she transformed herself into her own version of the Disney Princess, Snow White.  Her attention to every detail is what makes her artistry outstanding in the world of Cosplay.

Just thought I would share something “new to me” that has been inspiring.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, we just have to be open to any and all opportunities. 


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4 Responses to Late to the Party!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny that you blogged today about this show. I recently found it myself and am enjoying it too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Been watching this show and will continue, but wish there was more specifics about craft and looks at the other folks in the cons, the set up drama stuff is boring to me. For a less drama look into cosplayer mindset there's "Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity". Bonus points for Ya Ya at her sewing machine too.

    Also recommend anyone who's taking this up to visit forums. Lots of talent and resources there for everything from costume, to wig work, to prop making, etc.

  3. Glad you're enjoying the show too!!

  4. I agree that the "drama stuff" is boring but the creative aspect of the show has sucked me in. It's a TV show after all and drama is what most people love to see. Personally I'm with you. I'd love to see more of the making of the costumes. Thanks for the video link. I will check it out.

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