New Adventure: Two Birds ~ One Stone….


Hi Everyone!!  Great News!  I came across an opportunity that I thought would be fun to share with all of you.  As I work my way through this year, it has been a personal goal of mine to try as many new things as possible.  Yesterday, through the Red Point Tailor’s blog, I became aware of a Sew-along that will be starting soon to construct a Chanel Inspired Jacket!!


Here’s a photo of the creator of this iconic jacket, Coco Chanel. Her vision of jacket design has transcended over the years and has made the original Chanel Jackets sought after world wide.  I have had a long fascination with these beautiful “art pieces” over the years and am very excited to join this Sew-Along and create my own Little French Jacket.  So there it is!!  Two new things to try, rolled into one!!  Participating in my first Sew-along and my first Chanel Inspired Jacket!!  From what I understand, these jackets become quite addictive to make with all the beautiful fabrics, trims and linings on the market to choose from, so be aware that this Sew-along may be enabling!!  LOL  The possibilities are ENDLESS with this project and I’m quite excited to be embarking on such an  Amazing Journey.

So here are the details as I understand them!!  This Little French Jacket Sew-Along is being hosted by Inna from Thewallinna and Leisa from A Challenging Sew.  Both of these ladies are familiar with this intense process and will be guiding us through the planning and construction of our jackets step by step.  If you’re interested in joining in, please check out their original blog posts to get all the details.  They also have a Little French Jacket Sew-along Badge for you to display on your blog if you’d like.

To add yet another level of excitement to this Sew-along, the Prominent Couturier  Susan Khalje of The Couture Sewing School will be consulting on this Sew-along.  Susan teaches an intense course on the Classic French Jacket which is six days of training to create a Haute Couture version of this jacket.  Sounds like a dream to me to be able to attend one of her intense courses and learn the Haute Couture methods she teaches.   Susan also offers a class on Craftsy called The Couture Dress.  All of her courses have rave reviews and are enjoyed by her attendees whether it be in person or virtual.

Even though I’ve been in the garment industry for years and years at a couture level, my expertise has been mainly in the Bridal/Evening wear realm.  This is the perfect opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of the construction methods involved in this Little French Jacket project!!  I hope some of you will be jumping on board as well.  I will be blogging about my progress as we Sew-along to share my trials and tribulations.  Luckily, I LOVE hand sewing and welcome the chance to hone my skills.

This is the fabric I’ve tentatively selected for my jacket.  I was drawn to it because every color is represented in some way with a touch of gold Lurex.  It will always remain a versatile piece in my wardrobe.  I haven’t selected any of my trims or my lining yet, but have been enjoying researching all my options. Thewallina has posted a schedule for this Sew-along and also compiled a list of supplies and resources needed for you to check out.  I’ve also started a Pinterest Board, “Chanel Jacket Inspiration” to compile my ideas and for you to get inspiration from as well.  The wonderful thing about making this kind of a jacket is that you can personalize it to your taste, most flattering silhouette for you, and add all the details you desire.  You can add a collar, pockets, and trims to Strike Your Fancy just as I will be doing.  I love that this jacket will never go out of style and I can wear it as casually as I choose.  Be your own designers and come up with a “look” to suit yourself perfectly.

One of the things that gives these jackets their unmistakable appeal are the trimmings used to embellish them.  The skies the limit when adding details.  Some jackets have pockets, piping, frayed trim, zippers, and buttons.  There’s no wrong or right to how you’d like to personalize your jacket.

The Sew-along doesn’t start until early next month which is plenty of notice to select and purchase all of your supplies.  The schedule also offers a generous timeline for this project which means there’s enough time to create something really spectacular!  I hope some of you will decide to join in and will share your plans.  Have a Happy Creative Day!!


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6 Responses to New Adventure: Two Birds ~ One Stone….

  1. Sounds like an amazing event, Roxanne! Do you have any old Threads magazines? There was a superb article in 2005 on deconstructing the Chanel jacket!

  2. How exciting! I have an old Burdastyle with one of these patterns in it…I've always wanted to make it!

  3. Hi Monique! Yes, what an amazing Sew-along!! Thanks for the info about the Threads back issues. I will check it out!

  4. Hi thingsforboys!! I hope you join us for the Sew-along!! It's going to be FUN!!

  5. Ann R says:

    I made my own Chanel Jacket out of a beautiful wool in the 1960's. I have always love Chanel and her style which is timeless. Sorry to say but that jacket is not in my closet anymore and I would not fit in it anyway. I am hesitant to start making it as the fabric selection here in Florida is really sad.

    I love the fabric that you have chosen.

    Ann R

  6. Thanks Ann R!! I so agree that these lovely Chanel jackets are timeless. Thank goodness for all the wonderful resources available online!! It's fun to browse but can be so hard to decide with all the beautiful choices.

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