Picture Tutorial: Decorative Stitching Holiday Project!!

Hi Everyone!!  In my New Video Series on Learning to Sew featuring the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, I showed how to use your machines Decorative Stitches:  Making the Most of Decorative Stitches Video Part 4 and how to use your machines Built In Letter Stitches:  Using the ABC’s and 123’s Video Part 5  If you’ve spent time exploring these stitches and have been having fun with them, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Now what can I do with them??”  Here’s a simple project that will allow you to get really creative with those stitches!!   AND you never know, you may end up with a Holiday Heirloom!!

With the Holiday’s right around the corner, what better way to create something fun with what you just learned than by making a Christmas Stocking.  I used Vogue #7815 stocking pattern which I had in my stash but unfortunately it isn’t a current pattern. It’s a traditional style stocking.  Similar patterns that are available are:  Simplicity #1577McCall’s #3777 and McCall’s #2991. You can always  freehand a pattern of any stocking shape you like, or trace one that you already own.  I also put together a  Christmas Stocking Board on Pinterest to help give you creative ideas and inspiration.

Select some fun fabrics, trim, and even fancy threads.  Let’s really push the boundaries for this project!!  I chose a pretty traditional color palette of red, green, gold, silver and white.  I mixed up lace, velvet, plaid and satin ribbons.  I had a few Christmas prints in my stash, so I cut them into various widths and incorporated what ever I thought looked appealing to my eye.

The most important thing to remember as you start to lay out and cut your pieces is which way you want your stocking to hang.  I like mine to hang with the toe pointing down to the right.  This is very important to keep in mind since you will only be embellishing the front side of the stocking.  Cut out 2 pieces of your face fabric, 2 pieces of fleece or batting, 1 piece of fusible interfacing and 2 lining pieces.   The fusible interfacing is for the front of the stocking, so make sure to cut it appropriately. 

Fuse the front of your stocking and then baste together both of the face fabrics with 1 layer of fleece or batting.  Make sure you have a left and a right stocking for the front and the back.

Adding letter stitching to solid pieces of ribbons adds a handmade charm to the stocking. I fused interfacing to the back of my ribbons and then add the letter stitching.  Set up your machine with Holiday phrases, names, or decorative motifs.  I used the words, HO! HO! HO! and Let It Snow with some snowflake stitches.

Now for the FUN!!   Start laying out your trims, ribbons and fabrics on top of your fabric to create something interesting.  I like to lay mine on the diagonal because that looks pleasing to my eye.  Make sure to mix up some solid colors and prints for interest.  The lettering was stitched onto the solid ribbon then was added to the top of another trim or ribbon to create dimension.  I also layered patterned ribbons on plain ribbons with a blanket stitch in a contrasting color treating it as one piece.  There are NO rules here.  Do whatever you’d like and looks good to you!!

Once you’ve laid out all your embellishments, trims and ribbons, start at the bottom end of your stocking and work across to the  top.  I’ve always worked this way and find that it’s the easiest way to keep things even and from shifting too much.  I start by slightly overlapping the pieces as I go along and stitch it down with matching thread.  If there is a raw edge, I sew and flip as I go. 

This is the finished front section trimmed and ready to add some decorative stitching if you’d like.  I used decorative stitches between some of the trims in contrasting colors to give an embroidered patchwork look.  I  didn’t use any fancy threads this time because my trims were all so busy already.

Place the back of the stocking on top of the front section right sides together.  Now place both lining pieces on top of that.  Stitch around all layers twice.  Trim and clip the seam allowances and remove as much of the fleece or batting in the seam allowances as possible.

Turn the stocking inside out in between the 2 lining pieces and measure the top of your stocking for your cuff.  Cut a piece of fabric for your cuff the length you measured and add 1/2″ for a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Cut a 4″ piece of 1/4″ ribbon for the hanging loop.

Sew the cuff seam and then fold the cuff in half and attach to the stocking with the ribbon sandwiched into the seam line at the back cuff seam.

Here’s the finished Christmas Stocking!  All the decorative and letter stitching added a personalized touch that I’m very proud of!!  A real “one of a kind”.  Imagine giving this as a gift at the Holiday’s!!

I hope you will give this project a try using your own imagination and creativity to make something special.  You can see how by adding decorative stitches and lettering to a project can make it as ornate, classic or elegant as you like. 
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  1. Bunny says:

    Great tute! I love your enthusiasm for this art.

  2. Yes, we used to make pillows like this. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it. Following you now on Facebook and Bloglovin. Linda

  3. Hi Linda! Pillows would be beautiful made this way. Thanks for following!!

  4. Elise says:

    Beautiful take on a classic stocking. I love it!

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