Halloween Throw Back Thursday!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!   In the Spirit of the Holiday and it being a Thursday, it seemed like a fun idea to share my son’s first Halloween costume with you!!  It’s super cute, as is HE and I made it.  Here’s BamBam!!
It was a simple costume to make and there were only a few items needed to pull it together.

1.  1/4 yard tiger printed fun fur.
2.  1/4 yard brown faux suede.
3.  2 plastic bones for trim.
4.  Plastic club as a prop.
5.  Piece of Velcro. 

I basically just cut a rectangle out of the fun fur wide enough to go around him and then added a little extra to wrap around.  Here’s a pic of the inside so you can see the shape I created by gathering just a little bit at the side of the waist.  If I had left it straight, it would have gapped around the middle.  For the hem, I just cut the fur in points to give it a raggy look.

In this pic which is the right side of the costume, you can see that I sewed on Velcro as a closure.  The only other fabric to cut and attach was the faux suede shoulder strap. 

To give the costume more of a “caveman” quality, I cut a narrow strip of the faux suede and sewed it on as a lacing around the waistline and down the wrap front.  This helped to pulling the waistline a little bit also.

On top of the where the shoulder strap attached to the skirt portion, I sewed on a bone in the front and one in the back to complete the fun look.

It was FUN to make this costume for my son’s first Halloween and he looked adorable trick or treating with his big orange jack o lantern and club.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of him with the club back then, but I remember him having a wonderful time pretending to club everyone.  Hope you enjoyed seeing him!!
Update:  11/1/2013  I received many messages about the painted ghost in the pic with my Baby Bam Bam.  The answer is YES, we made it!!  The pattern is from The Winfield Collection here if you’re interested.


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2 Responses to Halloween Throw Back Thursday!!

  1. glorm says:

    He IS a cutie! Have you taught him to sew yet? LOL

  2. Thanks glorm! Last summer we did a project together on the sewing machine and serger. He liked it, but he's more into his games now.

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