Hi Everyone!  Some of my recent posts have prompted messages from you about how I come up with some of the ideas for things I’ve shared here on my blog.  For example, the Cut, Twist, Sew, Repeat….Maxi!! skirt and most recently, My Version of the “Marin” jacket.  So instead of answering individually, I thought it was a great opportunity to share how I get inspiration for what I want to create. 
When I first began my blog, I really didn’t know what direction it would take.  The idea behind my blog has evolved from just sharing what I’ve made, into showing you how I make many of the things I’ve made and techniques I’ve used.  I’ve found a niche helping to inspire others with similar interests into pushing their own creativity to the next level.    I do enjoy teaching and sharing my professional knowledge and have found it to be appreciated by many especially my Picture Tutorials, Pattern Fitting Series, and Video Series.  I wanted to offer ideas on my blog and share with my readers how to use what you already know to create new things that you may not have ever thought about before.
So here’s my take on:
INSPIRATION:   in·spi·ra·tion


  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”.

  2. The quality of having been so stimulated, esp. when evident in something: “a moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display”.

Well that’s the technical definition of Inspiration but for me it’s pretty much in everything I see, smell, touch and hear.  As a child I spent a lot of time alone, so I needed to entertain myself.  My Mother would give me a “hat” a “catalog” and a “purse” to play with and I was all set.  I learned at a very young age to look at things in different terms than most other children my age.  I guess, it sort of in the genes as well.  I come from a line of talented creative types.


Inspiration is all about looking at anything you find particularly interesting and finding what it is you like about it:  Ask yourself some questions when you’re in the mood to be creative: 
What is it about a color that’s appealing to you??
Does it make you feel Happy or bring out the color in your cheeks??
How does a fabric Feel??
Is it soft to touch and makes you feel warm and loved??
Is it ALL about the tactile feelings you experience when you touch or work with silk or wool??
Is it about the sound a nice crisp taffeta makes as you rustle around a wedding in a pretty gown??
Are you drawn to prints or do you avoid them??  If so or not, why??
Is it a small detail of a pocket or embroidery??
Is it a special combination of colors?? 
 For me, it’s ALL of these things and many more.
In college for Fashion Design, we would have wonderful assignments that were meant to push our creativity and inspire us.  One class in particular, we studied shapes.  We would be assigned to design around a specific shape and as the class progressed, boy were we getting out there!!  I specifically remember the “circle” assignments and how creative the projects were.

There are many places to find inspiration:

Pinterest:  Pinterest is and online site that gives you a forum for creating your own “pin boards”  It’s an amazing source for getting your juices flowing especially if you’re in a creative slump.  If you haven’t discovered this amazing resource yet, I encourage you to check it out.  I have a board there entitled “Inspiration” which I’ve pinned all kinds of things that inspire me for different reasons.  Check it out!!

Join a Sew-along:  A Sew-along usually has specific guidelines to follow when “sewing along” with a group.  Usually it will be a specific garment, using a particular color or fabrication to create an item.  Joining a Sew-along is another fantastic opportunity for growth and inspiration.  Seeing what others are planning to create and hearing their enthusiasm for their intended project can be inspiring for many.  No two creative minds are the same, so seeing what others create using the same guidelines as you can be inspiring.

Contests:  Most online sewing communities, sewing magazines and sewing machine retailers hold regular sewing contests to win prizes.  Usually they are planned with varied topics of interest.  Participating in a contest can be another encouraging endeavor.  Competition, which is healthy can be quite motivating and push your creativity to a whole new level.

Blogs:  I enjoy reading and commenting on many blogs.  Seeing what others create is inspiring in a very real sense.  Pictures of a finished project and the fact that it was made is why I continue to read many blogs.  I love when they share details of how they got the idea for a particular project that they created and the process of how they made it, in many cases.  It show’s what can be done!!

TV:  Television shows can be very inspiring too!!  I recently blogged about discovering the show “Heros of Cosplay” on the Syfy network.  It’s a show about creating costumes to depict a specific character using your own imagination and expertise.  The smallest details are very important and inspiring to see how they can pull a “look” together.

Library:  Books, magazines and written materials are terrific for inspiration.  Most of us are stimulated by our visual senses before any others as to what appeals to us or not.  It’s learning to see a detail, color, or shape in a new way that is truly inspiring. 

Traveling:  Traveling whether is be for business or pleasure can be inspiring.  It can be for many reasons.  The places you plan to visit, the scenery, buildings/architecture or the stores  where you plan to shop.  It can also be the energy of a city.  Whenever I visit NYC, I always come home charged with new creative energy!!  Soaking in the vibes of a city can pick you up creatively like nothing else on the planet!!


There are no rules when it comes to how you get inspired other than to be open to it.  Notice the Beauty in Everything!!    Try never to say, “I Hate That”.  Nothing will shut down inspiration quicker than a negative attitude.  Be open to everything you see in a new way.  Inspiration is NOT about copying something exactly.  It’s about finding a detail and then interpreting it in OUR OWN WAY.  As you’ve noticed, I’ve included many pictures in this blog that may seem strange to you.  I wanted to share with you some of the things that I’m Inspired by.  There’s an infinite world of “possibilities” out there.  I wish you good luck in finding “What Inspires YOU”!!  Have a Happy Creative Day FULL of Inspiration!!



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8 Responses to Inspiration!!

  1. Ramona says:

    For some reason, I'm not seeing photos on your blog posts. I wondered if you've heard that from anyone else?? I'm on a PC, using Firefox browser.

  2. Vicki says:

    Great post, thanks

  3. Hi Ramona, I checked it out and everything appears to be fine. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow I just found your blog and read almost all of it. I love your positive attitude and have learned so much. I'm off to check out your videos too. Thanks and keep it coming.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Would really love to know the sources of some of your pictures – especially that building – is it real? Where is it? Incredible.
    Also, would love to know your fabric sources – especially the fabric you're using for your LFJ Sew along piece.
    Please don't take offense at this, as it certainly isn't meant as such, but that fabric reminds me of some scatter rugs my mother had made when I was a kid (and this was quite some time ago – probably late 60's). I don't remember for sure, but I THINK she supplied the craftsperson with old clothes and she/he? cut them in strips and used those strips as the weft, and then a thick thread/string(?) for the warp of vise versa wove them together and created colorful scatter rugs!

  6. No offense taken at all. My LFJ fabric does have a hand woven charm about it. I know which rugs your talking about and I can see the connection.

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