New Video Series: Meet the L-500

Hi Everyone!  Well here’s the first video in my NEW series as promised!!
Welcome to my New Video Series Introduction!!  You asked for it!!  This New Series idea was born from YOU my Followers!!  Someone had commented on my first video about seeing the Singer Quantum L-500 over my shoulder in the video shot.  After I confirmed that it was indeed an L-500 I got more emails interested in videos.  So, since I LOVE it when my fans suggest ideas for my videos, I didn’t want to disappoint!!  Here we go!!
In this Introductory Video, I show in detail how to:
*  Thread the Machine
*  Wind the Bobbin
*  Use the Self Needle Threading Mechanism
*  Insert the Bobbin and Casing

The Singer Quantum L-500 was launched on HSN January of 2010.  It had amazing features and it looked like a good solid machine.  Even though the reviews were less than stellar for this new model Singer I purchased mine in the summer of 2010.  We have now become BFF’s and this is my main machine, however it didn’t start out that way at all.  As this series progresses, I will be detailing all the amazing features of this machine. 

If you’ve read my review of this machine you basically already know the story, but I will share the “cliff notes” version just to make my point.  Not all great machines work well right out of the box.  Now I’m sure many of you out there don’t quite agree with that statement, however it’s just the truth.  Right  now there is another very well know and respected sewing machine brand that’s having some technical difficulties as well.  It happens.  Some machines need a little bit of TLC on arrival.  I liken my experience with the L-500 to a premmie that needed a little extra care in the beginning.  Actually I sent the first L-500 back to HSN right away.  I had problems with the cutter and it was always giving me a error warning message.  Needless to say, there were so many features I wanted to love about this machine that I couldn’t give up on it, so I ordered a replacement.  The second machine arrived with exactly that same issues as the first.  So being a “problem solver” by nature, I dove in to see what the was problem and how could I fix it.  The feature of this machine that I really wanted was the cutter.  I watched the cutter in action and saw that it was getting bound up on it’s rotation back to it’s resting position.  I unplugged the machine and manually worked it back and forth to free it up a bit.  Well, it worked!!  My cutter hasn’t missed a beat since and the best part is that there’s MO MORE ERROR WARNINGS!! 

As this series progresses, I will be showing you all the wonderful features this machine has and how to use them.  It also came with a “value added” foot package and I will be showing that as well.  Until then, get your machines out and dust them off and be ready to make this machine your BFF as I have!!

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6 Responses to New Video Series: Meet the L-500

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice intro, looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks!! I will have more videos soon.

  3. jymegson says:

    Thank you for your video of the Singer Quantam L-500. My machine is a Pfaff Smarter Pro1100 which I believe is identical to your machine, I've been having a few issues with this machine which I still believe can be overcome with a little more understanding and 'tweaks', and I'm sure your forthcoming videos will help.

  4. Hi jymegson!! I've had a few "kinks" with this machine that I've been able to fix on my own. 1. the cutter 2. improved stitch quality. What issues are you having with your Pfaff?

  5. jymegson says:

    Hello Roxanne, The problems I've experienced during the last year since purchase are; 1.Occasional nesting of thread on the underside of fabric, since it doesn't happen all the time I wonder if sometimes using the knee lift might precipitate this, anyway I have taken the bobbin out and checked to make sure it is threaded around the curled hook. 2. Buttonholes have sometimes been inconsistent, e.g. I've completed 3 or 4 and on the next one it starts finishing off have way through, after re-setting again I've been able to carry on. The up/down button can suddenly seem decide to do otherwise when a stitch sequence has been changed. Now I'm not sure whether these problems may be user error as I have 4 other machines and they all have differ in use. Overall I do like this machine, the stitch quality is excellent and it's well designed so I will continue to try to overcome these niggles and if you have any ideas about these issues I would be pleased to hear your opinion. Oh, and also on slow speed setting it doesn't seem to respond to pressure on the foot control as the other speed settings, I cannot proceed stitch by stitch for tricky manoeuvres so I've used the up/down button.

  6. Hi jymegson! My issues were only with stitch quality and the cutter so I haven't experienced any bobbin nesting. I don't use the knee lifter either. It did take me some time to get used to this little quirks of this machine. This machine just seemed "tight" to me. The more I use it, the better it seems to be and I get used to things that are different from my other machines. I hope as this series progresses, maybe some of your issues will be resolved.

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