New Videos ~ More Machines!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!  I have some News!!  I’ve decided that since my New Video Series featuring the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has been so helpful to many of you, that I’m going to introduce a NEW Video Series featuring another machine!!  One of my YouTube Subscribers noticed and commented asking about the video, “It’s Me, I’m Real and I Have News!!”  was there a Singer Quantum L-500 over my shoulder??  Why, YES there is!!  Since then, I’ve gotten several emails asking questions about the Singer L-500 and wondering if I would do a series on it!!  Well, the answer is YES!!


I haven’t started production yet, but I will be soon.  In the meantime, if you’d like to check out my review of this machine, it’s here on Pattern Review.  In my review, I detail the story of when I purchased my machine, the issues I had with it and how I resolved the problems to become “friends” with my Singer L-500.  This review is also linked to many other reviews of not only this machine reviewed by ME, but 1,000’s of other reviews of pretty much every make and model machine you could think of reviewed by members of the Pattern Review Community.  Check it out!!  Pattern Review is a wonderful resource.

The L-500 is now my main machine, but it wasn’t all LOVE at first, with this machine.  I will be showing on the video’s how I solved common problems that many people have as well as showing basic sewing machine operations.  There are so many wonderful features that this machine offers!!  Once you have a machine with a cutter, needle threader, and built in dual feed, there’s no going back.  This machine also came with an amazing assortment of presser feet. 

I’m not sure if this machine is currently available new anymore since Singer has dropped it from it’s current line.  It was available as a refurbished machine, but may not be anymore.  Through several emails, I’ve found that many of you L-500 owners have them sitting unused and would like to know more about their operation.  I will start with basic sewing machine operation and if I get the same response as I did with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, I will continue to produce more videos on the L-500.  Don’t worry Singer 9960 owners!!  I won’t be stopping production on the 9960!!  Especially since these videos have been helpful to those of you that own the New Singer 9970 which is very similar to the 9960.

I hope those of you that already own this machine are excited about my New Video Series on the Singer Quantum L-500.  Please feel free to email me, message me on Facebook or comment with any questions you may have on the L-500.  I also always LOVE to hear requests from you about things you’d like me to teach on the videos.  Thanks for all your continued support by sharing my links with your groups!!  I appreciate it!  

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  1. Thanks so much I have been waiting for someone to start video's on the L-500 I have one and love it!! There is a new one for sale on Amazon or there was one and they have a couple of used ones on Ebay if anyone wants to know. Looking forward to your video's on the L-500 thanks again!!

  2. Hi BeautifulSeams! Glad you're excited about the new videos and that you love your L-500 too!!

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