Accepting a Sewing Challenge!!

Hi Everyone!  An interesting post came over my Facebook Page Feed recently about an Invitation to a Sewing Challenge.  The challenge was issued by Sarah from the blog, Goodbye Valentino.  She’s the same gal that blogged about challenging herself to a “Ready to Wear Fast” and sewed all her clothing for a year, a couple of years back.  It was fun to follow her progress and watch how her sewing talents grew along the way.  Well, since she’s part of Mood’s Sewing Network she issued a sewing challenge to all of us.  She will be fasting once again and has invited us all to join her!!  It sounds interesting, doesn’t it??  I’m in, but I’ve decided to put my own spin on it.  Here’s the official Invitation if you’d like to read about it.



Since I’m not a major “shopper” anyway, (ahemm…other than for fabric) I thought it would be even more challenging for me to add a FUN twist as each month goes by.  So here’s my sewing plan:

January:  As we will be just coming out of the holiday season and maybe have put on a few pounds from all those holiday treats, I will make this month all about sewing comfortable knit’s.  Maybe even something to workout in?
February:   Amethyst is the birthstone of February, so I will make something this month in luscious shades of purple/violet.
March:  Spring is officially Sprung in this month, so as I do my Spring cleaning I will be Repurposing/Upcycling garments I already own to create some new designs. 
April:  Rain showers are typically a BIG part of the April weather forecast, so an outer wear garment will be my plan to sew this month.
May:  School starts to wind down this month is my area of the country, so I will be finishing any UFO’s that I forgot about along the way…..
June:  June is the month signaling the beginning of Summer, so my sewing will be driven by natural fibers such as Linen, Cotton, and Silk to help stay cool in the hot southern weather.
July:  In honor for the 4th of July, I will be sewing projects out of any shade of blue denim this month maybe even something with a pop of red.
August:  Since school starts in August here in my neck of the woods, I thought it would be fun to follow any tutorials for my sewing this month.  My Pinterest board “Tutorials” is full of great ideas I’ve been wanting to try.
September:  Labor Day is the Holiday in this month, so I will be sewing something Labor Intensive.  Maybe something featuring Hand Embroidery??
October:  This is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I will be sewing garments in Pink.  Pink is a color that looks good on Everyone!!
November:  Since this is the month that officially launches Holiday 2014, I will be sewing a Holiday outfit.
December:  The last month of the year I will only sewing items with fabric from my stash.  I will keep in mind that since this is a restriction, I will be intensely adding to my stash all year to make sure I have Lots and Lots for Fabric Inspiration!!
So there you have it!!  My sewing plan for all of next year.  Special Thanks to Sarah from Goodbye Valentino for issuing this Challenge!! Please head over to her blog and check out all the amazing designs she’s created and consider joining in on her “Ready to Wear Fast”.  Looking forward to it!! 

Have a Happy Creative Day and Happy New Year!!




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12 Responses to Accepting a Sewing Challenge!!

  1. Sarah Liz says:

    Hi, I'm going in Sarah;s RTW fast as well – there is also a complimentary challenge – You may want to join us as well šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Sarah Liz! Glad to hear you're taking on the RTW Fast challenge too! Thanks for the invitation to your complimentary challenge!! I will check it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've joined Sarah's RTW Fast also. I like that you added your own goals to the challenge. Good luck.

  4. Thanks! The extra "goal" surely gives me a great excuse to add to my "stash"….After all, I don't want to feel restricted!!

  5. What great goals! It has been a while since I have sewn clothing and don't think I could commit myself. I do look forward to following along though.

  6. Merissa says:

    Sounds like a cool challenge! One of my goals this year is to sew more things, I wouldn't be able to sew all our new clothes because I have a fast growing little toddler that wrecks everything he wears, lol. But I do want to sew more!

  7. Elise says:

    What a great challenge and a HUGE commitment! Almost all of my clothes are store bought – when I have time to sew, it's usually diapers, and other child-sized things, but I look forward to following along! šŸ™‚

  8. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for following along. Maybe it will inspire you to do a sewing project of your own.

  9. Hi Merissa! Thanks for taking a moment to comment. I hope you have a little time to sew something this year and achieve your goal too.

  10. Hi Elise! Yes, it's a big commitment, but one I'm excited about. Children's cloths are fun to sew. Enjoy!

  11. This sounds so fun! I am not patient enough for sewing, but I wish I were!

  12. Thanks! It's going to be fun!!

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