My First Year in Review!!

WOW!  Happy First Year Anniversary to my blog, “Strikes My Fancy”!!  I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year already!!  Time flies, doesn’t it??  Looking back, I can see quite a progression.  I made a point to try lots of new things this year.  When I looked back to write this post, I was quite pleased with all the new things I tried and posted about!  Who would have ever thought one year ago that I would be producing videos on my own YouTube Channel??  Well, I didn’t.  That’s the great thing about going on an unknown journey, you never know what you will experience and learn along the way.  I learned many new things so here goes a bit of a long winded post……
Here’s a little wrap up of what I feel I learned and accomplished this year:

The most important thing I learned from being a new blogger was that my readers wanted to learn more about me.  I hadn’t really thought about what to share or how much personal information I wanted to share before starting to blog.  My experience with the blogs I’d read, was that the content was what would always draw me into reading a particular post, not usually the writer.  I found out early on that many blog readers feel differently and want to connect with a blogger in some way.  So I shared that I’m a professional pattern maker/textile designer and a few other specifics that seemed to help my readers relate to me more.  I agree that it was important for me to establish my credibility especially in sharing technical sewing instruction.  Even though I didn’t really plan to share sewing technique when I began to blog, it just sort of made sense to share tips as I worked on projects of my own.  I just wanted to let the blog develop on it’s own and see what direction it would take.  I’m very happy to find that many people feel I have a talent for conveying sewing information and sewing technique in a user friendly way.  The bonus for me:  I really enjoy teaching and will continue to explore and share with YOU my readers in writing new Picture Tutorials and writing and producing more Videos for my YouTube Channel.

I think the thing that I’m most proud of that I achieved this year was the 8 week pattern fitting series I wrote and produced.  “My Approach to Successful Pattern Fitting” was a HUGE undertaking for me but one I really wasn’t interested in doing initially.  I saw a need and thought I could offer something different to the task of “fitting”, so I started writing.  I had read on many message boards about how frustrated people were with not being able to fit themselves and I had just had enough of reading about their dissatisfaction.  As a professional, I found so much information out there was confusing and just not accurate, which was simply setting beginners up for failure right from the start.  Statistics show that a disappointing first experience at anything means it’s a failure.  People don’t usually want to run back to have another  bad experience.   Creating garments has always been a JOY to me and I just wanted everyone that had a genuine interest in learning to sew to have good information and a great first experience.  I also wanted to appeal to those that had been sewing for years and years and inspire them into looking at things in a different way.  To help inspire them!!  I think for many, I accomplished that goal as well.

I also learned after the  pattern fitting series ended that there was a “Psychology of Sewing“.  I wasn’t actually prepared for the outpouring of feelings and emotions I received in the form of messages, emails and even one in person.  Many of my readers are just so unhappy with their current bodies that they no longer enjoy sewing for themselves.  So I learned that it wasn’t as much an issue of HOW to fit yourself, but an issue of NOT WANTING to fit yourself, for many.  Sad, but I appreciated those that shared their feelings so honestly with me.  I feel that next year, I may revisit this topic again with a new approach….

I also learned throughout this process another important lesson.  I learned that the greatest challenge for me in producing this series was managing my time schedule effectively.  I was told that it’s the kiss of death for a blogger to start a series and then not finish or not have a post due on time when you’ve made a commitment.  I’m happy to say that my 8 week pattern fitting series was posted like clock work!! I still get messages about how helpful the information has been for them and it remains the one of my most read posts on my blog even all these months later.    Thank You!!

The second thing I’m very proud of is my video series.  After I finished the pattern fitting series, I wanted to offer something that people would find helpful.  I knew from owning the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 that it was a great machine, that had great reviews,  and was reasonably priced, so it just made sense to share some user friendly information about it.  It was another HUGE success and I  continue to receive so many wonderful messages and ideas for future videos.  I have to say, my followers, subscribers, readers and fans have been Amazing to me!!  I still plan to do more videos on this machine and continue to receive interesting ideas regularly.

One of my personal goals with writing this blog was to try lot’s of new things throughout the year.  I had lot’s of “firsts” that I’m proud of:

#1:  Sewing machine Foot Reviews:  I made it a point to start working through my specialty sewing machine foot collection and was surprised to find that I reviewed 10 different sewing machine feet, many with “how to” video demos!!
#2:  Picture Tutorials:  I’m a person that learns best visually so I wrote what I called “picture tutorials” as my way of conveying different techniques.  I’ve written on pattern fitting, sewing techniques, upcycled projects and even a made to measure skirt, Drafting a Flared Skirt pattern which has continued to be one of most viewed Picture Tutorials on my blog.

#3:  Started a Chanel Jacket Sew-along:  I’ve always been fascinated with the classic Chanel Jacket and the opportunity came along to join a sew-along and create my very own jacket.  Unfortunately for me, it’s a HUGE time commitment that happened to fall into bad timing for me.  I will be resuming this jacket soon after the New Year, because this is one item that I don’t want to become a UFO.  Not sure how long a project has to be on the back burn before it’s considered a UFO??  So, for the record, I just pressed *pause* on this one……

There were lot’s of other first’s too.  Those included being a pattern tester, using a PDF self printed pattern, a few Throw Back Thursday posts and even shared a Holiday Recipe post.  I’ve enjoyed it All!!  

So all in all, I’ve enjoyed my first year blogging.  I would like to personally Thank ALL of You that stop by and read, subscribe, comment and support my efforts.  It’s just words on a page if I’m not reaching out and appealing to you in a way that you find of value.   I will be taking a personal inventory as I do every year and see what direction I will be taking my blog into next year.  I would like to make changes to my blog and am excited to see what new opportunities will come my way and “Strike My Fancy”.  I have a few things in the works and will be sharing them with you in the New Year.

As always, Have a Happy Creative Day!!  Many Blessings to ALL of you in the New Year!!


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9 Responses to My First Year in Review!!

  1. Paceda says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog! Thank you!!!

    Nashville, TN

  2. glorm says:

    Not new to sewing, but I still enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Thanks Paceda! Happy you enjoy it! Happy New Year!!

  4. Thanks glorm! Thanks for the nice comment! Happy New Year!!

  5. Jeannie says:

    Nice article. I haven't sewn in years except for a couple of projects here and there. Once my girls got too big for home made I only get the machine out about once a year.

  6. Vicki says:

    Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I think I may have missed the fitting posts. Must go and have a look. Happy new year!

  7. Thanks Vicki!! Please do check out my fitting series. If you have an questions, feel free to comment or message me. Happy New Year to YOU too!!

  8. joen says:

    Congratulations on one year of blogging! Thanks for sharing all your sewing knowledge and I'm looking forward to year #2.

  9. Thanks joen!! I'm looking forward to it!! Can't wait to explore more new things and see what I'll learn.

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