Organizing for the New Year!!

Last year I started off the New Year with organizing my sewing machine accessories and this year I’m adding to my organization.  My husband is a Handy Guy, “Thank God” and is always willing to help me.  No matter how ridiculous my ideas are, he makes them work. Not long ago, I scored a lifetime supply of textured polyester serger/overlock thread from Craigslist for $20.00.  Each cone is HUGE and I was able to buy 4 of each of the colors the seller had.  23 colors in ALL. This type of thread is only used in the upper and lower loopers on an Overlock or Serger and in the looper on a Cover Stitch Machine. Now for the problem….Until today, they were in boxes and weren’t very convenient to make use of, unfortunately.
I kept the colors I readily use, on hand, but they were always in the way.  I dislike having to clear things away from my sewing machine area when I want to work.  I like to sit, turn the machine on and go!!  So today, my husband solved that problem for me by adding more shelves to my Sewing Studio.  Isn’t it a thing a beauty and function!!

The 3 shelves are staggered as they go up to the top shelf.  They are made for solid wood with a white washed finish and will hold lots of sewing supplies.  They are right above one of my sewing machine tables, so I can put my sewing accessories for each machine right on the shelf above.  How great is that?!
Well here it is!!  All loaded up with the thread! It looks so pretty, doesn’t it look nice all is color order?  I left the plastic wrapping on the 3 cones in the back to keep them dust free.  I probably will only be using 1 or 2 cones at a time for any project, so it’s no sense exposing them all to the lint that flies in the sewing studio!!
Here’s a picture of how they look when in use.  They just sit right behind the machine and feed off the top of the cone right into the telescopic thread guides.
Sometimes I use them with a thread stand also. It all depends on the machine I’m using.  My thread stands are extra high, to accommodate the huge cones of thread.
Now to figure out what to put on all that extra space on the shelves?  I may need to go to the store…..more fabric, maybe? *wink
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30 Responses to Organizing for the New Year!!

  1. I love how you organized all your thread! I've been organizing with the new year too!

  2. Petro Neagu says:

    I wish I could sew, it really is one of my biggest dreams. I like how you organized all the cones, they look very pretty like that 🙂

  3. bxcrochet says:

    I am showing my father-in-law your selves so he can do that for me. Love it.

    Michelle F.

  4. andi says:

    i wish i could sew, too…

  5. Mistee Dawn says:

    How awesome. I need some of those shelves. I need to organize, too. lol

  6. Jamie says:

    Oh wow!! How sweet of your husband to make those shelves for you!! I bet it helps you to be so much more productive!

  7. That looks great! I love how you have arranged everything. And I agree, that free space definitely needs to be filled with beautiful fabrics that go with the threads, lol

  8. Garf says:

    I have a lot of organizing to do. Glad you have started yours already.

  9. Cara Kueck says:

    Getting my craft closet it organized is one of my big goals! I love your shelf area and that your thread is organized now! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You're so lucky to have a great husband! And I love how you organized all your thread. I wish I was a good organizer ha ha.

  11. Thanks Samantha! Good luck with your organizing!

  12. Thanks Petro. I think it looks pretty too.

  13. Hi bxcrochet! I hope your FIL makes a set for you.

  14. Hi andi. You could always learn.

  15. Thanks Jamie! My husband is a Terrific Guy! I'm so lucky! It will keep my sewing area clean so I can sit and sew. YAY!

  16. Hi Pauline. Yes, I'm very lucky that he can build nice things for me to help me get more organized.

  17. Hi Cara! Thanks. Good luck getting your craft closet organized.

  18. Thanks Garf. It's still a work in progress but moving in a great direction. Good luck getting organized too.

  19. Sheila says:

    That looks really neat and organize. Having a handy spouse is a good thing because no need for you to pay someone to build the plan you want.

  20. We moved into a new house not too long ago…now I have a dedicated sewing room. Yay! I am in the process of organizing it, thank you for the tips.

  21. Holy cow! You're so organized! I'm hopeless in the organizing department. 😉

  22. Every year I take a look at my basement and I always have intentions of organizing. It hasn`t happened yet. *sigh* Maybe you should come over to my house!

  23. Anita says:

    I've been in the same house for 3 years, so I'm getting that impatient feeling of "it's time to move!" again when I can finally find a new place for all of my stuff. I'm a queen of re-organizing and moving furniture around, but I'm running out of ideas in my place. On the bright side, with the "it's time to move!" feeling, also comes the spring cleaning necessity, and that is a pretty brilliant way to declutter. 🙂 Loved your sewing room, I wish mine could look this pretty.

  24. Thanks Trisha! It's a work in progress.

  25. Hi Karen! Have fun organizing your new sewing room!

  26. Thanks Sheila! Yes, he's pretty fantastic!!

  27. Hi Shannon! It takes a long time to organize. Just have to stick with it little by little.

  28. Hi Anita! Yes, Spring cleaning is a great motivator!!

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