Overcasting Foot: Function & Fashion!! Video Part 10

Hi Everyone!!  Happy New Year!!  Since this is my first post of the New Year I wanted to make it extra special for those of you that have asked for more Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Videos!  This is a double header!  Yes, folks….I did 1 sewing machine foot review showing 2 different operations of the stitches!!  One is complete Function and the other is meant for you to add some Fashion to your projects.

The foot I will be demonstrating is the Overcasting Foot that came as a standard foot accessory with the machine.  It’s listed on page 12 in your machine manual as #11, foot “C”.  The written instructions for using this foot are on page 58 of your manual as well. This is a special foot that has a “toe” attached to the front of the foot that rides right on the edge of your fabric as you stitch with one of the 4 overcasting stitches. These stitches are  #9 (only up to 5mm), #15, #16 and #30.  There is also a bar in the center of the foot that the machine stitches over to form the “overcasting stitch”.  This bar also keeps the stitches flat from collapsing. 
Please Note:  On page 59 of the manual, there is a “Cautionary Notation” stating that these 4 stitches are the only stitches to be used with the Overcasting Foot and not to change the stitch mode or elongation either.  This is not to have your needle come in contact with your foot and damage your machine.

The Overcasting Foot is a snap on foot and is attached in the same way as your other utility feet. Simply align the foot under your presser bar and then lower your presser foot to snap on.  In this video, I show how to install the Overcasting Foot onto the machine and show each of the 4 built in stitches that work with this foot.  Here are the 4 stitches I used in my demonstration with the Overcasting Foot.

Stitch #9 zigzag, default set.

Stitch #15, default set.

Stitch #16, default set.

Stitch #30, default set.

I also show a decorative way to use stitch #30 with foot “B”. This stitch is similar to the Flatlock stitch on an Overlock Machine.  I’ve put together a Pinterest board, “Stitching Details” to give you ideas of different ways to use this stitch.  You’re not limited to use just stitch #30 as a decorative stitch to add trim to a project, however while showing you how to use the Overcasting Foot, I wanted to show you how to do something else creative with one of the stitches.  This kind of trim is used around pockets, necklines, waistbands, and arm hole seams.  It can be used anywhere when you want to add an extra pop of color and it gives strength to the seam.  Since you’re not using the Overcasting Foot to do the decorative stitching, you can edit this stitch and bring the stitches closer together.

So there you have it!! A new foot demo and video on the Overcasting Foot.  I hope I’ve shown you that just because a particular stitch is designed to work with a specific foot for a special sewing operation, doesn’t mean you can get creative with it and use it in a decorative way.  Add some decorative threads and see what you can come up with.  Think “outside the box”!!


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18 Responses to Overcasting Foot: Function & Fashion!! Video Part 10

  1. DaReslnt1 says:

    great video! I just used this foot for the 1st time this weekend. I was trying to figure out how to finish my seams so that the look a little more professional.

  2. Thanks DaResInt1. I've had several requests for a demo in this foot, so I thought I would get to it!! It does give a nice professional look to your seams.

  3. Thaleia says:

    Very interesting. It has been awhile since I have used any kind of "foot" on my machine besides the normal one:)

  4. Tori says:

    looks like it makes a regular sewing machine into more of a serger. nice!

  5. Hi Tori! Yes, using this foot with these particular stitches does gives a similar look to a serged edge.

  6. Hope you have a terrific 2014! The video is really great and informative.

  7. Thanks Joanna! All the best to you too!!

  8. Love the video. I have a foot like that and love it when I don't want to take out my serger.

  9. Sheila says:

    My MIL just gave me a sewing mahine and i only know how to sew single stitch. this is a really great tuts. thanks for sharing

  10. Petro Neagu says:

    This is a great sewing tool. My mom has a really old one, since she was young and it still works as new.

  11. You make it seem so easy. I love to sew but I am not very good.

  12. Thanks Michelle! Glad to hear you use your foot.

  13. Thanks Sheila! Nice of your MIL to give you a sewing machine. I hope you love it!

  14. Thanks Petro! Some of the older machines are read gems and last forever!

  15. Thanks Debi! I try to make all of my instructional videos look as easy as possible so that people will give them a try.

  16. Emy Cooks says:

    hm,I need to check out all the foot I have on the burrowed machine. I hope to get mine this year. I enjoy sewing and do it even manually to get the right stitch. great video.

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