Treasured Keepsake FOUND!!

Organizing my sewing studio is an ongoing project of mine.  Maybe you can relate?  It just seems that the more I bring home, the more I need to reorganize what I have.  I’m NOT complaining though, especially when I find a treasured misplaced item while organizing.
Like many of you Mom’s out there, I try to keep all of my son’s baby and childhood mementos in the same Keepsake Cylinder I received as a gift from my sister years ago. BUT not all the things that are special to me always make it to the box.  While looking through a basket filled with rubber stamps and other miscellaneous items, I came across one of these misplaced treasures in my sewing studio.  A rubber stamp with my son’s name on it.  It brought back such a flood of wonderful memories that I thought would be nice to share.

So here’s the story:
When our son was almost 3, when we enrolled him in “Tot Time”.  It was a nice little school and our first experience with any kind of daycare or preschool.  Since he was still in diapers at the time, we were expected to supply diapers every day with our son’s name on them and put them in a special bin.  I would watch mothers rushing in every morning scrambling for a marker to “personalize” their diapers.  It was right then that I thought of a better way.  I purchased a rubber stamp with my son’s name on it and started stamping all his diapers a box at a time with his name.  Smart right?  It saved me time and never again did I have to scramble for a marker to hand “personalize” the diapers.

Well the story gets better:

While I was stamping the diapers one day, my son became interested in what I was doing with “his” diapers and thought it looked like FUN. So from then on, until he was potty trained a few months later, he stamped his own diapers!! How Cool is THAT??

Children, especially young ones love a little bit of responsibility.  We’ve always felt it was important, ever since he was young, to allow him to do things on his own. {within reason of course}  So for any of you out there that bring your child to daycare or preschool where diapers are required to be “personalized” everyday, maybe this is a good solution for you and your child.  Make it Fun and they will Love to help you just like my son did!! Just in case you’re wondering, this stamp is now safely tucked into the Keepsake Cylinder.

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6 Responses to Treasured Keepsake FOUND!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea to save time and teach my daughter something fun. I will be buying a stamp and doing this.

  2. Thanks, Glad you liked the idea!

  3. Merissa says:

    Awww, it's always great to come across a missing treasure. That's a great idea about stamping diapers!

  4. Elise says:

    How sweet! I never got around to making a baby book or memory jar for my son, and I think i'm going to really regret that.

  5. Elise, it's never too late. Just put a few things away is a special place for reflecting later. No regrets.

  6. HI Merissa. I was so happy to find it. It seems like a small thing, but the memories that are attached to that little stamp are HUGE.

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