Bead Soup Reveal!!

Are you ready to see what I received from my Bead Soup Blog Partner, Ruth Szapa??

It seems that she and I were on a similar wavelength with our bead soup exchange.  We both selected beads in the aqua family!!  I went more toward the antique silver side when selecting the metal and she chose to complement her bead soup with brass metal components.  I also added a punch of color, and she chose a more neutral palette.

Here’s what Ruth sent Me:

 There’s Indian Adventurine, Agate Glass, Vintaj Natural Brass, Stone Rectangles and Rounds.  There are 2 metal components, one is a flower and the other a bird. Should be interesting incorporating them into my piece in a unique way.  Ruth also included a very special Raku Tube by Artist Lisa Peters. 
Here’s what I sent Ruth:

Please take a moment to read Ruth’s blog and view her pictures of what I sent her.  She arranged all the component in such a pretty way.  She shared everything in the opened Easter Eggs and Basket so artistically.  She’s over at Truly Trudy Blog.
Thanks Ruth for the lovely Bead Soup.  Looking forward to creating something special!!
Have a Happy Creative Day!!



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6 Responses to Bead Soup Reveal!!

  1. What beautiful soup ingredients, Roxanne 🙂 Can't wait to see what you two cook up!

  2. Hi Monique! I agree they are Beautiful!! I have so many ideas running through my head right now about how to use these components. Should be interesting…..

  3. Those beads are seriously beautiful. I am all about turquoise right now. Thank you so much for sharing. Are you on Etsy? I will look for you, so look for a Follow/Favorite from Megan Kubasch or Noble & Pond.

  4. Both beautiful soups! I look forward to seeing what you both create using these lovely ingredients!

  5. Thanks createmyworld!! I think so too!!

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