Throw Back Thursday…..Sort of

Hi Everyone.  Not sure if this would be considered a “real” TBT post or not since the original post only goes back to last year??  Doesn’t really matter, though right??  I guess it’s more of an “updated” post to a dress pattern review I did of Vogue 1224.  When I did the original post, I didn’t take pictures of me in my dress, so here they are.  I was recently asked if I had a favorite pattern, and this dress pattern is it!  The pattern is by Designer, Tracy Reese for Vogue.  It’s been reviewed over and over by many other ladies that have also been happy with this dress.
If you’re interested in reading my original post, it’s here: Vogue 1224, Strikes My Fancy!!  It gives all the details about the adjustments I made to the pattern and the novelty knit I used.  Unfortunately, this pattern is out of print, however it’s still available here if you’re interested.  This dress pattern is a Winner!!


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21 Responses to Throw Back Thursday…..Sort of

  1. I like the design. Very professional!

  2. That dress is gorgeous! You look fabulous!

  3. Kung Phoo says:

    Very nice dress! You look like a star!

  4. Jenna Em says:

    Wow, you made that dress yourself! I can understand why it's your favourite, because it looks great on you!

  5. Mary says:

    I am impressed you made that! I have tried one to make a shirt and it did not work out at all. Can't imagine taking on this.

  6. Leslee says:

    It really is a great dress. I like the style and you do look very nice in it. What a terrific talent to have!

  7. bxcrochet says:

    It came out really pretty. I love your fabric choice.

    Michelle F.

  8. Mistee Dawn says:

    I love that pattern. So pretty. If it is in the past… is is a throwback, I say!

  9. Elisebet F says:

    I need to get back into sewing! I have a machine but struggle to find the time.

  10. I always admire people who can make their own clothes. AMber-

  11. Christine D says:

    That dress looks amazing on you, and I would say it counts as TBT 🙂

  12. Mama to 5 says:

    i like this dress, very pretty!

  13. I would consider a year a good qualifier for a Throwback Thursday post. Why not, right? That dress looks really great on you. No wonder it's your favorite dress pattern!

  14. I love throw backs, love it!

  15. Thanks Everyone for all the nice remarks and comments.

  16. Petro Neagu says:

    It's got a great line and it suits you really nicely. Plus you look great Miss Roxanne 🙂

  17. You look very lovely! That dress is gorgeous. When it comes to sewing I am all thumbs 🙁

  18. mail4rosey says:

    That dress is stylish. It fits great too!

  19. Triplezmom says:

    You look fabulous in that dress! This makes me wish I could sew.

  20. Great looking outfit! And you look really good in it.

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