You Asked ~ SMF Tells: May 19, 2014

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday.  It’s Question and Answer time again.  Here we go….

You Asked:
I’m interested in purchasing the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.  I would like to use it to sew heavy canvas for a business I’m starting.  Do you think this is a good machine for this purpose?
SMF Tells:
No, I don’t.  This machine is designed for home use and I don’t feel it’s made to sew very heavy fabrications.  A better choice would be a good quality industrial machine for business purposes.
You Asked:
I volunteered to sew on buttons to help with my daughter’s school class project.  I didn’t realize at the time that they would be so much work and sewing each one by hand has become overwhelming.  Is there a way to sew on these button using my machine?
SMF Tells:
Yes, there is a foot called the “Button Foot” designed for this purpose.  Most newer machines come with this foot and is considered part of the standard accessories.  If not, they are readily available for purchase for your brand machine. I’ve done a video of this exact foot to guide you in attaching the foot to your machine, setting up your machine stitch to use this foot and show you how it works.  It makes attaching buttons so much faster with professional results.
You Asked:
I’m a crafter and I’ve noticed many projects being sewn out of Burlap these days.  I love the look of the items I’ve seen made with it, but I’m afraid to sew with it on my machine.  Is it easy to work with?
SMF Tells:
Burlap seems to be the fabrication of choice for many craft and embroidery projects.  It’s not hard to work with at all. It does tend to be on the “messy” side because it causes lots of little fibers to be everywhere especially inside your machine after sewing with it.  I suggest you do a test on your machine with a new sharp needle and a lengthened stitch.  If you don’t have any issues, proceed with your project carefully.  Make sure to clean your machine periodically while sewing your project to keep your machine in good working order.  If you’re interested in seeing what others are doing with Burlap, please check out my Burlap Pinterest Board to see lots of creative ideas!

Thanks again for all the support of my Question and Answer blog feature. We all learn by asking questions, so don’t be shy!! Please keep all the great questions coming.

DISCLAIMER:  All of my advice is given as my own opinion from my professional experience as a Fashion Designer, Textile Drafter, and Production Pattern Maker.  Keep in mind that there’s more than one way to approach any sewing technique, sewing equipment, or construction process. 
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2 Responses to You Asked ~ SMF Tells: May 19, 2014

  1. Julia Nyanyo says:

    More great tips Roxanne, especially the sewing with Burlap one. I have tried then had to get a little brush to sweep out all those dusty bits that collected next to my bobbin! Very messy but then there are such lovely things you can make with it.

  2. Thanks Julia! Yes, the burlap fibers likes to collect down there in the bobbin area. It's messy but embroiders well and project turn out so nicely.

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