NEW Pantone 2015 Color of the Year

It’s that time of year!  The color forecasters are at it again……The Pantone 2015 Colorof the year was announced and it’s a beautiful color.  The name of the color is Marsala.

Pantone describes this shade as Warm, Comforting Booze.  I agree, and would further describe it as a warm rich shade of burgundy/brown.  Almost a cool coppery hue.  Sort of a departure from last years Radiant Orchid shade.  I’m not usually one who follows the color trends because prefer to wear colors that look great on me, however I will give this color a shot.  

Seeing the new color of the year, Marsala, made me excited about the new 2015 Spring color palette.  This palette definitely “Strikes My Fancy”.  I’m a blue gal and the three blues are all beautiful.  Very wearable for me! All the others are pretty also, but to me not quite pastels as Pantone describes them.

I’m happy to say that I have a few nice pieces of fabric in these color already in my stash.  Of course, that won’t deter me from “adding” to my stash with more. At first I thought the Marsala didn’t really blend well with the other soft shades and had a “what were they thinking” moment.  But on further inspection, I love the way the Toasted Almond and Glacier Gray work with the Marsala. It will be interesting to see how this color is transitioned into fabric, yarns and trims in the upcoming months.


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