You Asked ~ SMF Tells: December 8, 2014

Hi Everyone! So many questions have been coming in that I decided to bring back my Question and Answer weekly segment.  Thanks for all the questions.  Please keep them coming.

You Asked:
Will you be making more videos on the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960?  I’m interested in learning more about the machine and all special feet that came with the 9960.
SMF Tells:
Yes!  I case you missed it, last week I added a new specialty foot video, the Welt Cording Foot:   Video Part 14.  I do have more videos in the works for not only the Singer 9960, but also for the Singer Pro Finish Serger.  I may also be planning to add another machine video series soon!  Stay tuned.
You Asked:
Do I really need a serger?  I keep reading about how wonderful they are and I think I’d like to invest in one.  How will it benefit me?
SMF Tells:
It’s important for you to assess your sewing needs and what fabrics you like to sew with before investing in a serger.  If you want to venture into sewing with knits, or have been unsatisfied with sewing knits on your conventional sewing machine, you may want to consider a serger/overlock machine. Sergers/overlock machines cut and sew all in one operation so they shorten your construction time immensely.  They’re the perfect machine to sew knits because the stitches stretch with the fabric.  This insures strong seams that will give and not pop like a conventional machine may.  These machines also finish off woven fabric seam edges neatly and prevent them from raveling. There are many different brands and price points for serger/overlock machines on the retail market.  There are even machines that have self thread features.  Do your research and read reviews to insure getting the machine with the features you need and want. If you’re interested in seeing the Singer Pro Finish Serger in action to get an idea if this type of machine interests you, please check out my Video here.  

You Asked:
What is a cover stitch and do I need a machine that produces this stitch?  Do all sergers/overlock machines include this stitch?

SMF Tells:

A cover stitch is generally used when hemming knitted fabrics.  There are both double and triple needle cover stitch options.  What makes this stitch perfect for hemming knit’s is that it stretches with the fabric.  Many sergers/overlock are combo machines that offer both overlock and cover stitch options, however not all sergers offer both.  Switching from stitch to stitch should be an easy operation, however I own a separate cover stitch machine set up at all times to make the hemming process quicker.
Thanks again for all the support of my Question and Answer blog feature. We all learn by asking questions, so don’t be shy!! Please keep all the great questions coming.

DISCLAIMER:  All of my advice is given as my own opinion from my professional experience as a Fashion Designer, Textile Drafter, and Production Pattern Maker.  Keep in mind that there’s more than one way to approach any sewing technique, sewing equipment, or construction process. 
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  1. Hannah says:

    I just love your YouTube videos. They will help me immensely when I get my Singer 9960. I did a lot of research and decided this was the machine for me.

  2. Thanks Hannah! I hope you love your 9960. Happy Sewing!

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