Singer Bobbins….Class 15J!!

There’s been a lot of discussion in the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Facebook Group lately about the proper size bobbins for the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine.  We had an ongoing post about this topic when I originally formed the group over a year ago.  Well, it seems that there’s still some confusion unfortunately.  I will do my best to show the bobbins that came with my machine and the bobbins that I purchased for my machine.  Yes….these are the same bobbins I use in my machine just in case you were wondering.

When I started to do research into purchasing the Singer 9960 over 4 years ago, I read every piece of information I could get my hands on.  There were some discrepancies in the actual information and that was alarming to me.  One source stated the correct bobbin size was 15J and another stated the correct bobbin size was Class 15….We have had members call Singer and inquire with this question only to add more confusion to this issue.


My Singer 9960 came with these 4 bobbins.  I have never had an issue with using these bobbins.  My machine has run flawlessly for more than 4 years.  These bobbins are Singer Class 15J.
I purchased this package of genuine Singer Class 15J bobbins shortly after receiving my machine so I would be fully stocked with bobbins for all my projects.  These bobbins are the same as the 4 bobbins that came with my machine only they are a slightly different color.
Here’s a picture of the 2 bobbins side by side.  The one on the left is one of the Class 15J bobbin’s that came with my machine.  The one on the right is from the package of Singer Class 15J bobbins I purchased.  They look pretty flat to me and are the same in size and shape.  They appear to have a slightly purple coloration to them.  I don’t have any Class 15 bobbins on hand, so unfortunately I can’t show them side by side.
Here’s a picture of the Class 15J bobbin inserted into the Singer 9960 properly.  Notice how it fills the bobbin casing area completely.  There’s no extra room around the bobbin and it fits snugly.
Hope this explanation helps if you too were wondering about the correct bobbin size for the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. 
Have a Happy Creative Day!!
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6 Responses to Singer Bobbins….Class 15J!!

  1. Unknown says:

    I purchased at least 50 extra 15j's, but was wondering. ….what is the difference? Are they shaped slightly different? I won't use anything but the J's for fear of bunchy munchy problems I've had with bobbins in my lifetime, but why the difference?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this info. This has been confusing me very much. Now to order more of the correct bobbins.

  3. From what I'm told the Singer Class 15 are slightly curved. The Singer Class 15J are flatter as pictured in my blog. Not sure why Singer felt the need to use a different bobbin size and give them a similar name. This bobbin issue has been very confusing for many 9960 owners.

    • Marcy Taitz says:

      I have read that the 15j are curved and the 15 are flatter. There is still a lot of confusion about which bobbin to use, if you read different websites. Even the singer website has a different bobbin for the 9960, which is not numbered, and they have 15j but indicate that they are for other machines. The 15j that I got in a package of singer brand from JoAnns are slightly curved. They seem thinner on the top/bottom than the ones that came with the machine (which look just like the ones you got with your machine.) Help!!

      • RoxanneStitches says:

        Hi Marcy! This is the reason I wrote this blog post. To help people that continue to be confused. Not helpful that you called Singer and they gave you wrong information. I tried! 🙂

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