UPDATE: Singer 8060 is NOW Available at Amazon!!

Happy Friday!!  I have some great news to share!!  I received several messages about my post on the Singer 8060, which is a re-branding of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.  It was relayed to me that 8060 is no longer available at Sams Club and many of you were very disappointed.  After researching, I found that the Singer 8060 is now available on Amazon!!
This is great news for those of you that were interested in a plain white version of this machine without the graphics on the front.  Looks to me that the only cosmetic difference, other than the missing front graphic, is that the face plate is red instead of gray on the control panel. Even though the ad states that it comes with Bonus Accessories, I don’t believe it comes with the Bonus Foot Collection.  Still a great deal in my opinion since I paid much more for my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 more than 4 years ago.  If you get this machine, I’d love to hear what you think! 
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18 Responses to UPDATE: Singer 8060 is NOW Available at Amazon!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Love the red trim and I'm thinking about getting this machine now that its on Amazon. Great return policy. Your videos are great.

  2. Glad you're enjoying my videos on the 9960. Happy Sewing!!

  3. amanda says:

    Hi, love yr videos, got the 8060 in June, love the red, great machine, sews wonderfully and is a power house

    • RoxanneStitches says:

      HI Amanda! Congratulations on your new 8060! I think the red looks great too. Glad to hear you love it!! Can you tell me if it came with the extra feet? Thanks!

      • amanda says:

        Yes it sure did! All the same as the 9960, plus the extension table and machine cover, being my first computerized sewing machine, its super easy to use and the manual is very helpful, this machine is perfect for beginners and seasoned sewers’, I’ve almost always used older machines, ones from the fifties and early sixties, ( bad experience with a 16 year machine) which I nearly gave up sewing, I still love my oldies, but I really love the 8060 too lol

        • RoxanneStitches says:

          That’s great to know. I wasn’t sure it came with the extra’s and no one has been able to confirm it before you! Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I bought my 8060 last week. Love it! I have sewn several blocks and a couple table runners. It is quiet and runs so smoothly. Lots to learn!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My husband surprised me with the 8060 and it came with many feet plus a walking foot. Still trying to absorb all the instructions and am grateful for your videos

    • RoxanneStitches says:

      Congratulations on receiving your new Singer 8060! Hope you love it!!

      • NASIR LONE says:

        Hi I wanna know what is the voltage standard of this machine as I m from India over standard of voltage of 220 v did I need stepdown voltage stabilizer also I want to know watts of this machine This information is printed on machine this will be your kindness

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have not sewn in years, so I would now say I am a beginner with a little bit of a clue. I have been looking at both the Singer 8060 and the 9960. They are both the same price and seem to have all the same accessories. Other than the name and the color, is there any difference? I just don’t know why Singer would change the name etc. if they are the same machine.

    • Anonymous says:

      also, I have found several reviews showing that the 9960 is the best pick for 2017. If the 8060 is the newest model, I would think it would at least be mentioned. – I want to purchase a new machine, but I am so confused. I currently have a Singer from the 50’s, so anything new would be better, but I want to purchase something that I can grow with which is why I have been looking at these machines.

    • RoxanneStitches says:

      Hi! The 9960 and the 8060 are the same machine with different color face plates. Singer rebrands machine sometimes to sell to different sources. We have members of our FB group that own both and report them to be the same machine. Both machines are at an affordable price point with many high end features. I’ve owned my machine for 5 years and it’s a great machine. It has lots of room for growth for a beginner. It also comes with many feet extra feet for different sewing operations. Good luck with your decision!!

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