New Addition for Mothers Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to All of you wonderful ladies out there in cyber land!  Wishing you the most special day ever!!
My Sweet Husband and Wonderful Son know me so well….They know I Love sewing machines and have a bit of a SMAD…..ahemmm…..or a “Collection” that I enjoy adding to every now and then.  I haven’t added a machine for a while since that little cutie came to live with us.  It’s a lovely Vintage Singer 221 Featherweight.

If you’d like to read the story about how I acquired that machine, the link is here. It’s a kicker of a story for sure!!

So…ever since the addition of the Beautiful Black Shiny Tiny Singer 221 Featherweight, I’ve been on the lookout for a black Singer 301 long bed.  Recently, while innocently searching on CL, I found one!!  There wasn’t much information listed in the ad and only one picture, so I dismissed it until later.  I ended up showing my husband the ad and found out that he had been trying to contact the owner with no luck.  I dismissed it again thinking it just wasn’t meant to be.  FINALLY the owner posted more photos and responded!!  There were now pictures of attachments and a case!!  My main concern was that it included the foot controller and the bobbin casing which are the 2 most important components.  It DID!!  The foot control had been upgraded from the original.  A new style foot control had been retro fitted with an original 3 pronged connection.  Bonus!!

  My 221 has an older original Bakelite foot control that has a cracked plug.  Luckily, this new foot control will work on my 221!  Bonus!!

The original bobbin casing is in great condition too.  I’ve read that if the original bobbin casing is not included, purchasing one can be expensive.  The carry case is not in great condition.  It’s not broken, just stained from being stored away for a while.  Haven’t tried to clean it yet, so I will research that and give it a try soon.  It came with a Singer box full of attachments.  Not sure if they’re even for this machine since the 301 is a slant needle and these look like they are made for a low shank.  No problem!  They will fit on my shiny tiny 221!  Bonus!  The original Singer 301 Manual was not included.  I was able to go to
Singer’s webpage and downloaded a free PDF manual for the machine.

This machine is more like a “franken machine” since it seems that not all the machines components are original. I don’t think the black long bed extension table is original.  I don’t really care, because I didn’t purchase it solely for it’s collectible value.  I just really like the machine.

The front spool pin is also not original, it’s been replaced with a white plastic
So here she is!!  A really beautiful 301A.  I look forward to sewing with
her soon!The golden decals are a little worn which only shows that she was used and loved!!

The long bed folds up nicely and stores away perfectly into it’s carry case.  She’s actually much smaller than I thought she was going to be.  Perfect to take to a sewing class.
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest addition!  I’m so excited to play with her and explore all these new sewing options!!


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3 Responses to New Addition for Mothers Day!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation on your "new to you" Singer 301. She's beautiful. The 221 & 301 make a lovely pair. The upgraded foot control is a great find.

  2. Thanks! I think they make a great pair too!!

  3. joen says:

    Singer 301A was my mom's machine that I learned to sew on, and I still have it and still sews like a dream.

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