Group Member in Focus: Meet Frank!!

I wanted to introduce another extraordinary member of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 FB Group who’s been with us since the beginning. He’s been a wonderful addition to the group and is always helpful with technical questions about using the proper thread type, needle size for quilting and sharing FMQ information. He’s a master of his Art and was kind enough to share some photo’s of his work at my request.

Meet Frank Palmer!Frankpic5

As you can see, Frank is a colorful fellow and shared with me some pictures of his incredible Artwork.  His pieces have a unique style all his own. His creations are bold in design and full of wonderful detail.


Currently, he quilts other people’s quilt tops on his longarm, which is the bulk of his business.  His quilting precision is breathtaking!!  Each stitch enhances the artwork with perfection!!  Just in case you were wondering, this level of skill takes practice, patience and hard work to achieve.
How did you get started dyeing your own fabrics?
The hand dyed fabrics started about 15 years ago, when a friend thought it would be fun to give the process a try. So he went and bought all the materials and read how to do it and then got together to have a little dye party. She got bored with it after the first hour and went home, so he was left to finish dyeing and cleaning up. The next day, he rinsed out the fabrics and was hooked. Frank says, “The textures, colors, everything was entirely satisfying. Now, I have transitioned entirely to using my own dyed fabrics in my work, and it’s made all the difference. The weight, hand, texture, and weave is consistent, and if I run out of something, I can make more.”  Frank also sells custom dyed fabric to a handful of artists by special order.  He also teaches dye workshops to individuals and small groups, as well as teach quilting and applique to shops, guilds, and fellow artists.

What inspires your Artwork?

I am inspired by pop art, tattoos, and any odd issues I’m experiencing that I can process through my work. The large quilts aren’t a large part of my output currently.  The small art pieces have been the most popular.
What projects are you currently involved with?
Frank is involved in another project right now with The Orlando Quilt Guild.  Frank and the members of the Guild are using their artistry to make rainbow-heart quilts for Pulse survivors.  This project has exploded in to a global effort to extend to many other hero’s associated with this tragedy. Please take a moment to watch this news clip as Frank shares more information about this ongoing project and how you can get involved:
 orlando quild guild play button
If you’d like find out more about Frank and his Artwork, the best way to stay connected is to follow him on Instagram:  fpalmer0526 and his FaceBook Page Full Frontal Quilts and Dyework.  I hope you enjoyed meeting this Rock Star of the Quilting World! 
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