NEW Video Tutorial: DIY Wine Gift Bag!!

Hi Everyone!  This is another first for me!!  I’m so excited to share my very first Video Tutorial showing how to make a Wine Bottle Gift Bag!!  Up until now, I’ve only shown video demonstrations on individual sewing techniques using specific feet or attachments. This is my first time sharing a video on how to make a simple project by showing step by step instructions to complete a Wine Bottle Gift Bag using my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.


Any machine that has a straight and zigzag stitch will do for this project, but those of you that follow me know this Singer is the machine I primarily feature in my videos.  I attach sequin trim to the top of my bag using the Fancy Trim Foot,  so have this foot handy to use at the proper time if you plan to sew-along with me. I also use the Overcasting Foot with the zigzag stitch to finish off my seams.  You may choose to refer to these video’s on the Fancy Trim Foot & the Overcasting Foot if you’re not familiar with how to use them or install them into the machine because I don’t show that part in this video.

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Video Tutorial:  How to make an EASY Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Last week, I posted about the Amazing Sale going on at Urban Threads on a huge selection of their Christmas embroidery designs.  Well……I caved.  I bought a few of their beautiful designs.  I thought it was a great opportunity to get some gift sewing completed without being under the stress of the holiday’s.  Let’s face it……the holiday season sneaks up on us and before we know it’s here!!  I even posted a Sneak Peek picture on my Facebook Page of my finished embroidery.  I chose to stitch this embroidery design in metallic thread which can be challenging at times.

I have a couple of tips for you when sewing with metallic threads.

#1.  Use Schmetz Metallica Needles. They’re the only needle I’ve found that doesn’t shred and break metallic threads.

#2.  Sew the design at a medium speed.  The faster the machine stitches, the more stress and abrasion is caused to the metallic thread causing it to break.


I really liked the idea of sewing wine bottle gift bags.  A wine bag is a great way to present a lovely bottle of wine as a holiday gift, or for any occasion for that matter. They can be made out of any fabrication and embellished in a million different ways.  I didn’t want the construction of the bag to be complicated with a casing, lining and drawstring. I wanted my gift bag to be super easy with only 2 seams and hem at the top of the bag. When I sew, I need to simplify to maximize production, but I still want it to look special. You know…..Get many made in one sitting!  So I promise this is a quick EASY project for those of you that are like me and want to have “Quick Project Completion Satisfaction”.  All the directions, sizes for fabric cutting and trims and such are detailed in the video this time, so please check it out and let me know what you think.

The real beauty of this project is that it can be adapted to any occasion, plain or embellished and personalized with initials or names.  Use your imagination and see what you come up with.  I also found another use for the gift bag recipient!!  This bag can be used later to store keepsakes or Holiday cards.  Sounds like a win/win to me.  I hope you enjoy this video and try this project for yourself.

Have a Happy Creative Day!!


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5 Responses to NEW Video Tutorial: DIY Wine Gift Bag!!

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  2. Val Clements says:

    Hi Roxanne, love the wine bottle tutorial so easy. Your video was great I will make some of these for gift giving. The embroidery design was a nice touch. Thanks sew much Val

  3. Sandty says:

    I just want to see the pattern. I would watch the video later after having read the pattern. Thank you.

    • RoxanneStitches says:

      The pattern is detailed on the FREE Video Tutorial. It’s easy and can be made for any size bottle. Enjoy Sandty!

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