New Tool Tuesday! Video Tutorial ~ Threading Help!!

It’s New Tool Tuesday and I have a tool to share with you today that may help those of you having needle threading issues with your sewing machine’s auto threading mechanism.


Enter…..the Dritz Serger Needle Threader!!

I originally purchased this tool years ago to help me thread my Morita cover stitch machine because it’s a little bit tricky to thread in a couple of areas.  It’s been a helpful tool so I thought I’d explore other uses. For whatever reason, several members of our Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Facebook Group have had issues with using the automatic threader on their Singer 9960’s.  Some members have reported to me that they just can’t seem to get the hang of it. My guess is that in some cases the tiny hook that needs to pass through the eye of the needle may be misaligned and therefore not passing through the needle for threading. I’ve had this happen to mine and it has an easy fix.  First, make sure the needle is at its highest position to make this adjustment. Gently and I mean GENTLY bend the tiny hook back into position to realign it with the eye of the needle. If the hook is bent too far, it may break off… be Gentle!!

In the spirit of always being a problem solver, I’ve been exploring other options for my Facebook group members that have been frustrated with their auto threader, to see what I could come up with to be helpful.   So if you’re one of the ones that’s still having issues, this Dritz needle threader may just be the solution for you!!  I spent a little bit of time playing with this threader and it worked very well with minimal effort.

Click HERE to watch a short video tutorial I’ve created showing how to use this needle threader on the eye of the sewing machine needle.

There are 2 things about this threader that make it very helpful:

The threader  has a long handle for getting into tight areas that need to be threaded on a serger or cover stitch machine.  The long handle also made it work easily to thread the 9960.P1090608

 The wire threader is firm and curved which makes it easy to slide into any tight area that needs threading.  It works perfectly to thread the eye of the needle on the 9960 as an alternative threading method.


I hope if you’ve been frustrated with using the automatic threader, that this up close video tutorial showing the process of threading the eye of the needle will be helpful.  If you’re still having issues whether it be with dexterity or just not being able to  get the knack of the auto threader, I hope you’ll try this needle thread.  It’s an inexpensive alternative to threading the needle.

Have a Happy Creative Day!!


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4 Responses to New Tool Tuesday! Video Tutorial ~ Threading Help!!

  1. Barbara says:

    Great i don’t have a problem with my 9960, but my older. Basic Singer there are threading issues. Thanks

  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you. I used the auto threader when I first got my 9960, but then it stopped working. I’ll try your tip for gently straightening it. I suspected it was bent, but hard for me to see.

    • RoxanneStitches says:

      HI Gayle. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. For some reason it want into my spam. I hope you were able to get your threader to work.

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