Singer vs Brother Challenge!!

Hi Everyone!!  As some of you know, recently I started a FB Group for those of us that Own, Use and Love our Singer Sergers!! Singer Serger Fans is the name of the group if you’re interested in joining us.  I’ve read so many times how people purchase a serger and then never use it.  Never even take it out of the box.  It made me sad to think that someone would take the steps to purchase a serger and then be too afraid to try it out. My hope is for everyone to be excited about the whole new world that’s waiting for them by learning to use their new machines.

I was also very curious as to why people select and recommend the Brother 1034d Serger so often.  It’s another well loved machine currently on the market along with the Singer Pro Finish. Well…..with that being said……It was on SALE!!  I decided to take the plunge!

I purchased a Brother Serger!!

The Brother 1034d to be exact!!  I want to do a comparison of these 2 entry-level sergers for my readers and group members.  A side by side comparison of both machines and how they compare to one another in:

Quality of machine stitches

Ease of threading machines

Sturdiness, smoothness and noise levels

Features and much more…..

Click below to view my NEW Video Series Introduction

Not a bashing of either machine either. A real honest look at what each machine has to offer it’s owner.  I own many brands of machine and hold no allegiance to any brand in particular.  My philosophy is, for each person that’s interested in learning the art of sewing and creating, that they find the perfect machine for them.  A machine they love and can create wonderful pieces with, enjoying the process along the way.

I will also be sharing my “likes” and “dislikes” of each machine.  I was impressed with a couple of features right off the bat with this New Brother Serger!  So hang in there with me if you’ve been on the fence about which of these entry-level machines to purchase. I’m going to lay it all out there and help you make your decision.

Have a question?  Email me at and I’ll give you an answer. 

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