I’m Back……Finally!!

Hi Everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  A couple of reasons why.  Firstly, my blog was down because of “a third-party hosting” change in service agreement.  If you blog or read other people’s blogs regularly, you probably know what I’m referring too.  It was unfortunate that this particular company, who shall remain nameless, chose to be so unethical with it’s customers.  I’m not going to go into it, but I reclaimed my work and now I’m back!!  Excited to share new content!!  Secondly, I had some medical stuff going on too and I’m happy to say, still working hard to get back to 100%.

Getting my blog back on track was no small feat.  I had more than 3 years of photos to upload and place back into each blog post in it’s proper place.  That was close to 1000 photos!  This was because before I committed to my RoxanneStitches.com, I blogged on blogspot and needed a place to host my photos.  Of course the hosting company was no help at all with this process other than allowing me download my entire album. “Gee Thanks!!” When I had almost completed the work, for some reason I was unable to even preview my own album anymore.  I can only imagine what kind of road blocks they were trying to place in my way since I was almost free of their hold on my blog.  I received so many emails about my content being “unavailable” that it was a constant reminder to reclaim what I had created and hurry up about it!!  Happy to be back and in control once again!!  Excited to be moving forward!! 

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