Picture Tutorial: DIY Halloween Wreath!!

Halloween is such a fun time of year to make decorations for our homes.  Black and orange are not the only fashionable colors for this holiday anymore.  Purple and lime green have been added to the mix to create a FUN array of holiday colors.  Here’s a super easy, no sew project that you can make quickly with just a few inexpensive supplies.  This Halloween wreath was made in a similar way to the DIY Easter Wreath. I showed how to make it a while back. The main difference this time is that I braided the three colors of tulle together and then wrapped the black tulle around the outside. This created dimension and a frame for the decorations to nestle into.


1/2 yard of sparkly tulle in each color (black, purple, lime green and orange)

1 wire wreath frame

1 roll novelty wired ribbon for the bow

narrow ribbon

glitter Halloween motifs

hot glue gun

2 rubber bands

wire cutter




Loosely braid the three colors together until you feel it’s long enough to go completely around your wire wreath.

Finish each braided end with a rubber band to hold the braid securely.

Tie the narrow green ribbon in six places around the wire wreath frame to securely attach the braided tulle.  I didn’t want the green ribbon to show like it did in the Easter wreath version so I tied the tulle only to the green tulle as it intersected underneath in the braiding.

Tie the black ribbon on the outer most portion of the wire wreath.  This is to secure the black sparkle tulle as a frame around the braided tulle.

Make a simple bow out of the novelty wired ribbon and attach it to conceal the joined sections of the tulle.

 Now it’s time to add the glittery decorations.



With a wire cutter, trim the motif off the wires stems.  Nestle the motifs around the wreath and hot glue into place.

Found this adorable ghost motif and added it to the center of the wreath.

So there you have it!!  A simple, no sew DIY Halloween Wreath to add a little extra fun to your holiday decorating.  This wreath was constructed in less than an hour.  Using the DIY Easter Wreath Picture Tutorial as a base, select the colors and motifs that appeal to you and your sense of fun.  In keeping with this color scheme, we also added a mix of purple, green and orange lights to the front porch of our home.  It added just the right amount of spooky glow.  Hope you give it a try!!

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