Singer VS Brother Part 1: Technical Specification Comparison!!

Welcome to Part 1 in my NEW comparison series on the Singer Pro Finish Serger and the Brother 1034d Serger!!

Well… we go!!  I know many of you have been waiting patiently for this comparison.  I know this because you’ve emailed and messaged me about it.  Thanks so much for all the “friendly reminders” and for giving me the time I needed to get it done.  I’m glad it’s finally ready to share. It’s as thorough as I could be, even though I’m pretty sure there will be follow up questions from you, which are always welcome!!

Now before I get to Part 1 in my comparison, I’d like to make sure that you all know that this is an unbiased comparison between these two machines.  I have no allegiance to either of these 2 brands in particular.  I’m not being compensated by either brand.  I purchased both machines myself and still own and use both machines.

So here’s the cliff-notes version of my serger story and why I purchased my Singer Pro Finish Serger:

My favorite serger in my “collection” is my White 534 Superlock, so there’s that right off the bat!  I received it as a gift from my parents for Christmas in 1986.  It was brand new!! the first new machine I ever owned.  My beloved White 534 is a wonderful machine and I was heartbroken when I was told it couldn’t be repaired because the broken gear was no longer manufactured. I was very spoiled with the White’s precision, ease of threading and smooth operation.  I purchased my Singer Pro Finish as a replacement for that machine and I wasn’t too crazy about it when I first got it.  It was a bit clunky and noisy, but luckily that was resolved by a good oiling. After all, this Singer had some BIG shoes to fill with my White being so smooth, quiet and easy to use.  The SPF and I finally made friends and here we are today, “happily ever after”. Later the gear was re-manufactured for the White and I was able to have it repaired, however the SPF and I had bonded by that time.  The SPF is my main serger for constructing knit’s.  It’s always set up to do a 4 thread 2 needle ultra mock safety stitch.  So now…..on with the comparison…..

After I announced my plan to do a comparison of these machines, the emails started to roll in.  While reading through them, a few people ask for a spreadsheet comparing features of these 2 machines.  I hadn’t planned to including a spreadsheet but thought this was a great idea!!  Someone in the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Facebook Group had prepared a spreadsheet of similar machines to the 9960 and I found this a great way to help those that are interested, learn about which features are included in each model.  This spreadsheet wasn’t quite as easy as you might think to prepare because it wasn’t always comparing apples to apples.  The Singer manual has charts for certain features where as the Brother manual would have explanations for the same information and vise versa. So I detailed that in the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet of Features

I will continue to update this spreadsheet as new questions come in.  I think it’s pretty much complete, but there’s always room for improvement.  So there you have it!! Part 1: Technical Specifications Comparison.  Thanks for reading and following along to Part 2:  Stitch Quality & Threading Comparison!!  As Always…..




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