Sew Along Redemption!

Happy New Year!!

New Year, fresh start.  A few years ago, I signed up to participate in a RTW Fast Sew Along hosted by Sarah Gunn from Goodbye Valentino.  The point of the sew along was to sew your own wardrobe for an entire year and not purchase any ready to wear items.  I crashed and burned last time and made some RTW purchases which disqualified me from that RTW fast.  This year, she’s starting a NEW 2018 RTW fast and I’m back for redemption and to complete what I started back then.

This time I’ve decided to do things a little differently:

#1  I’m not restricting myself to a sewing plan.  The last time I made a plan for the entire year and I ended up not wanting to stick to the plan which was part of the reason I failed.  I feel more inspired to create when I can sew what I feel like sewing when I feel like sewing something.  Sometimes it’s a new fabric I find and become inspired. Other times, it’s a new pattern.   I’m sure you can relate to finding the perfect fabric at the perfect time!

#2  I’m going to look for holes in my current wardrobe and work on filling those in with new items.  I’d also like to replace some older pieces that I wear often because they fit and flatter.  I’ll copy the patterns, then remake them in new fabrics.  Hey!  That means fabric shopping! That’s Win~Win for me!! 

If you’re wondering…..

What exactly is the Ready To Wear Fast?

The Ready to Wear Fast is a vow to abstain from buying clothes for one year. You will give up buying clothes from January 1 – December 31, 2018.  You may sew anything, and you may fabric shop as much as you would like!  The purpose is to Save Money and Improve Your Sewing Skills, but believe me, the rewards of the commitment will exceed your expectations.  If you’d like to read more about this, head on over to Goodbye Valentino’s post HERE.

Sew…..I’m excited to see what I will produce over this next year.  I won’t be able to start until February due to an important commitment, but will jump in as soon as that’s completed.  The one thing I would like to incorporate this time around, is trying a few things out of my comfort zone.  Maybe a knitted or crocheted item or a bag or two??  Sounds like FUN!!

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