Pattern Fitting Series

I am presenting a pattern fitting series entitled “My Approach to Successful Pattern Fitting”.  This series is written and produced solely by myself and all of the content is offered from my experience in the Fashion Industry and tailored to appeal to a DIY Sewist/Sewer.  I hope that if you’ve had a difficult time with fitting yourself in the past that you will find my information helpful.  If you’d like to read my opening post about the series I’m currently writing it’s here.  I hope this information will help you on your “Journey Back To Garment Sewing”.

Part 1: Measuring Properly


Part 2: Focusing on Ease: Where~When~How


Part 3:  Selecting the Right Size PatternFS-part-3


Part 4A:  Measurements:  Where Do I Apply Them??FS-part-4a


Part 4B:  Pattern AdjustmentsFS-part-4b


Part 5: Seam AllowancesFS-part-5


Part 6:  Cut and Sew a Fitting Sample



Part 7:  Fine Tuning the Sample~Making Corrections



Part 8:  Finally a TNT Pattern



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